Sean Ozz Shares New Video From The Steamboat Ski Resort

December 05, 2019
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Sean Ozz, from the World Of Ozz Youtube channel, has published a new video where he visits the Steamboat Ski Resort and skies down its slopes in order to show off the easiest path down the famous mountain. Through his Youtube channel, he shares reviews of tech equipment (along with tutorials on their use) and adventure vlogs of his visits to famous tourist sites.

Ozz visited the skiing spot on its opening day for the 2019 season, which began at an earlier date than any other year: Friday the 15th of November. He joined hundreds of other skiers and enthusiasts who attended the inaugural event, where the resort enabled ten runs and one lift to kick the season off. The opening itself was exceptional, and he notes that the snow softened as the sun peaked, even though it was as hard as concrete earlier in the day. This made the rest of the day perfectly enjoyable and made for a great experience overall.

In the video, he traveled down the easiest path of the mountain, the Sitzback Green Run, which is geared towards amateur skiers who seek to take their first step in this activity. The entirety of the path is recorded from the skier's perspective, which means that it can serve as a guide and give insight into the landscape that one can expect while traveling the path. Ozz states, "While I don’t often use the amateur paths, this was a common request in my video's comments since new enthusiasts wanted to get in on the action and embrace the skiing lifestyle. This specific course is pretty straightforward, though I hope that it will encourage people to try it by themselves and clear any concerns that they may have regarding the difficulty of the sport. The Steamboat Ski Resort is great for skiing and snowboarding during this season, and traveling down this beginner's course may be the perfect activity for you and your family."

The Steamboat Ski Resort has several courses, spanning all difficulty levels from amateur-catered course to complete, professional routes that are designed to challenge even the most experienced individuals. Ozz adds that Johnathan, a partner of his, completed the intermediate course for the Steamboat Ski Resort.

The entirety of Ozz's video was filmed with an Insta 360 One X, which he describes as a great camera for action sports and family vacations. While this was his first video using this device, many of his viewers have expressed their support for his choice in the video's comments. They encourage him to keep using it as the video's quality was outstanding and impressive, a few audio glitches notwithstanding.

In the following video, Ozz vlogged the rest of his experience at the opening day for the Steamboat Ski Resort, sharing the story of how he moved to Colorado and the remarkable importance that the spot has had in his life. The video showcases some of the other, more complicated courses and obstacles that the resort features, highlighting the fact that the resort offers a challenge for skiers of all kinds of skill levels.

Ozz says, "It was six years ago that I visited the Steamboat Ski Resort for the first time and, since then, my life has changed completely. I moved to Colorado, opened my own tattoo shop, and began taking my Youtube channel more seriously, so this has undoubtedly been a change for the better. My daughter had her first snowboarding lessons in this very same spot, so coming back here after such a long time bears a significant emotional weight to me. The resort has made significant changes since I last visited it, though I must say that it has managed to maintain, or even improve, its quality."

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts are invited to view the latest videos uploaded to the World of Ozz's Youtube channel at and join him as he explores some of the US’s most famous skiing locations. He often heads to new places on new adventures, embracing his channel's motto of showing an active life through the lens of his camera.

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