Crane Network LLC Expands Catalogue Of Boom Trucks For Sale

December 06, 2019
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Crane Network LLC, a distributor and online marketplace for construction machinery based in Chicago, Illinois, has expanded their catalog of boom trucks for sale. Currently, the company has over 1,000 boom truck listings on their website, giving them the distinction of maintaining the largest catalog of construction machinery in the country.

Paul Paliwoda, Chief Operation Officer of Crane Network LLC, states, "We are very proud to announce that, through new partnerships and extensive negotiations with some of our providers, we have expanded our catalog of available boom trucks even further. These new listings come at remarkable prices, and they include equipment for sale and rental all across the country. Several even feature opportunities for international shipping."

The company’s boom truck listings include all kinds of models of machinery, at all price ranges, as Paliwoda asserts that they are committed to helping their clients find the most fitting solution for their needs. Some of the newest models of boom truck cranes listed on the company's website include the 2020 Manitex 30102 C, 2020 Manitex 40124 SHL, and the 2020 Manitex 35124 C. All of these options are exceptional pieces of machinery with state of the art technology, and they are a testament to the company's efforts to provide solutions of the highest quality.

Crane Network LLC also possesses a broad variety of construction cranes for sale, complementing their catalog of industrial machinery. These particular listings are subdivided further to ease the process for their customers, allowing them to quickly locate the most appropriate type of equipment for their project. Some of the other construction machinery available for rent or purchase on their platform include earthmoving machinery, construction machinery, industrial equipment, material handling, and heavy equipment.

All of the company’s equipment listings include images, a description, their individual specifications, and their location. This data can be further sorted and filtered according to each customer's preferences and requirements, allowing them to choose by proximity, price, or model. Furthermore, the listings feature both new and used equipment, allowing customers to easily weigh the advantages of one alternative against the other.

Crane Network LLC's website also hosts spare part listings for all kinds of machinery, adding additional versatility to their catalog of construction equipment and ensuring that their customers have everything that they may need to fulfill their projects. Paliwoda shares, "This was a common request from our customers, and we introduced it a few years back. They can browse other listings for new or used parts and find them at a discounted price."

Aside from facilitating the acquisition process for business owners, Crane Network LLC also allows their partners to post their construction machinery for sale, presenting it to thousands of buyers who visit the company's website every day. They have several initiatives to promote their partners’ machinery, including email campaigns, custom banners, and preferential listings. All of their clients’ machinery must undergo inspection and evaluation from the company, as they assert that ensuring the quality of the equipment that is accessible through their website is of the utmost importance to them.

Paliwoda states, "We are the largest distributor and marketplace for construction machinery all across the US. We have hundreds of thousands of visitors on our website every day, and we take great pride in helping them find the perfect solution for their needs, in effect doing our part to help them bring their construction projects to life. Overall, more than 30,000 companies and individuals rely on our online services to effectively manage their fleet for the sale and rental of cranes and equipment. We are very proud of the network that we have built through these partnerships, which alongside the platform that we worked extensively to build, makes us one of the best solutions to sell to or buy from in the US."

Crane Network LLC's website includes more information explaining how customers may buy a boom truck or any other piece of machinery from one of their listings. Interested parties are welcome to reach out to Paul Paliwoda to follow up on any further inquiries they may have.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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