Park City Utah Mold Inspection Job Completed by Utah Disaster Specialists

December 12, 2019
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Utah Disaster Specialists has announced that they have recently completed a mold inspection job in Park City, Utah. This Park City Utah mold inspection job came about because a homeowner had called them to get a second opinion after another company had removed mold from their home. This company has taken some air samples to demonstrate that the mold has been totally eliminated. However, the mold inspection performed by Utah Disaster Specialists revealed a number of places where mold on some debris were still visible. It turned out that the previous company had not cleaned up the construction/repair debris before getting the air samples. After cleaning up the debris, Utah Disaster Specialists took air samples and these showed high levels of mold. The homeowner then hired the company to get rid of the remaining mold. The total cost of the mold inspection and removal was $2,400.

Daryl Olsen, president of Utah Disaster Specialists, says, “Air sampling is perhaps the most common type of mold testing and it provides an accurate overview of the spore count in the home. Insurance companies may include air sampling as a method of proving that there is a mold problem in the home. The air is tested inside of the home and then the spore count is compared to what is on the outside of the home.”

He continues, “However, we need to be careful when to perform the air sampling test. While the previous company had taken an air sample to show there is no more mold in the air, this cannot be relied on until all possible places where mold can be found have been inspected. In this case, the previous company had forgotten to dispose of the construction/repair debris., which naturally had a high chance of having mold. And indeed, this was shown to be the case when we cleaned up the debris and then took an air sample.”

Mold damage remediation is one of the key services provided by Utah Disaster Specialists. Household mold does not only cause ugly stains and release a musty odor, but they are also health risks. Mycotoxins, which are substances produced by molds, have been found to affect people in various ways. These include lack of focus or concentration; memory loss; headaches, chronic fatigue; burning, itching or watery eyes; nose and throat irritation; serious swelling in the feet, ankles and legs, and odor sensitivity.

Utah Disaster Specialists also offers other kinds of services in addition to mold remediation. These include air duct cleaning, fire damage remediation, sewage cleanup, water damage remediation, and other kinds of disaster cleanup. For instance, there is flood damage cleanup. Flooding is a problem that must be addressed immediately because allowing it to linger can result into other problems like damaged furniture, house structures, and mold growth. Over time, the water can also become unsanitary, assuming that it was previously clean. For sewage problems, the sewage water is already dirty and the more urgent it will be to perform a flood and water damage cleanup.

And then there is the fire damage cleanup service. The water used to put out the fire can actually cause damage too. This is like having a flooded home, only it is worse because of the presence of soot, which makes the water acidic. This acidic water can rapidly destroy surfaces unless the water is removed quickly and the furniture, various items in the house, and the walls and floor are dried.

And then there is the dreaded situation where sewage backs up into the house. It does not only have a dreadful smell. It also brings with it bacteria and other microorganisms that could make people sick. The cleanup company must not only know how to clean up the mess properly but also how to find the root cause of the problem to ensure that it will not happen again.

Those who are interested in mold damage remediation and other services from Utah Disaster Specialists can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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