New York, NY Doctor Shares Recent Patient Experience With Vitamin C IV Therapy

December 04, 2019
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Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, lead doctor at the Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy center based in New York, NY, has shared a testimonial from the most recent patient who visited his practice for Vitamin C IV Therapy. By sharing this testimonial, Dr. Alexeyenko seeks to shed light on the benefits of IV Therapy and encourage other patients to give these treatments a chance to change their lives as well.

vitamin C IV therapy new york ny

The testimonial outlines the outstanding attention to patient care provided by the doctor as well as the remarkable environment of his office. Through the office's website, Gregory Kuperman shares that, "Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko spends a ton of time with you during your appointment and never makes you feel rushed. His office staff is incredibly friendly and the location is very nice. I would highly recommend his office and IV treatments."

The attention and care shown to their patients has always been an integral part of Dr. Alexeyenko's practice, as he maintains that his commitment to providing outstanding patient care comes second only to the attention he pays the therapy itself. This is emphasized further in another of the office's reviews, where Alex Eingorn says, "I have known Dr. Alexeyenko for many years and, being a physician myself, had not only had the benefit of his expertise for my issues but had also discussed many other cases with him. He is a very well trained and well-rounded doctor who listens to you and makes his clinical decisions based on his many years of experience in surgery and medicine.”

Eingorn continues, “He asks a lot of questions, which often seem to have nothing to do with your complaints, and always arrives at the correct diagnosis as well as the best possible treatment plan to solve your health problem quickly and efficiently. He is one of the very few doctors with a heart who is driven by a desire to help his patients, staying true to the Hippocratic Oath. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs real answers.

The office states that IV Therapy benefits are extensive, as it is a safe way to stay healthy and recover from minor illnesses and other health disorders that commonly affect patients. Patients who undergo IV Therapy assert that they enjoy these benefits for longer than they would with other solutions like supplements or pills. This may be due to the fact that these options are diluted during digestion, while IV Therapies work at a cellular level.

They also outline some of the benefits that Vitamin C IV Therapy offers, as it is one of the most most sought-after treatments that the center provides their patients. They state that an IV infusion of Vitamin C delivers this famous nutrient directly to cells throughout the body in a form that is absorbed and goes to work almost immediately. They believe it helps renew both the cells as well as their ability to cleanse the body of viral or bacterial invaders. This makes Vitamin C infusions a useful alternative when the patient's body needs to detox, as it provides an immediate solution.

In addition, the local medical center adds that IV Therapy may also rejuvenate the patient's system, restoring and rehydrating it with natural healing fluids, vital nutrients and important minerals that are necessary for the body to function at full efficiency. Patients may also experience improved organ function, have their hormonal balance restored, have a stronger immune response, show improved brain function and so on. Many patients have even reported that it helped them lose weight.

Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy offers other services in addition to Vitamin C infusions, all of which are based around IV Therapy, as they state that they can help patients with a broad variety of illnesses and conditions. More information on the center's treatments and Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko’s qualifications is available on their website, including a thorough description of what patients may expect over the course of their treatments. The website also hosts more testimonials of their health services. Furthermore, patients are welcome to reach out to Dr. Alexeyenko directly in order to inquire about IV Therapy Vitamin C.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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