Truck Accident Attorney Investigates Tractor Trailer Accidents On Route 99, CA

December 01, 2019
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The Inver Grove Heights, MN based Truck Accident Attorney is reaching out to drivers in California to warn them to be cautious when they use the states notorious Route 99 highway. In a report by ABC News, a study of the most deadly roads in America shows that Route 99, the state route which cuts up the center of California, rates at number one with 264 fatalities in the period 2011-2015. California’s Route 99 had the most fatal accidents per hundred miles of any highway in the nation. Learn more here: Tractor Trailers - The Trucking Lawyers.

California’s interstates I-5 and I-10 are high contributors to truck accident statistics, averaging over 1,000 trucking accidents per year. These accidents often result in serious injuries or fatalities due to the size and weight of the trucks involved. Many trucks also tow trailers, and these can cause extra problems in accidents. Fortunately for local drivers and passengers, the Truck Accident Attorney maintains a local presence in California, serving communities in Orange County, Los Angeles, and so on. They offer their legal services for any individual who has been a victim of a truck or tractor trailer accident on these dangerous highways.

CA Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

California’s roads are often busy, crowded with a high volume of traffic of trucking companies. In fact, truck driving is one of the most prominent and common jobs in this state, and this alone makes California’s highways particularly dangerous. The lawyers at the Truck Accident Attorney are specialists in their field, and this means they can respond promptly and professionally to requests for assistance from the victims of the terrible accidents that occur so frequently. Learn more at the following link: The Trucking Lawyers - Tractor Trailer Accidents.

Truck Accident Attorney CEO Peter Kestner says “We are the best trucking attorneys in California. We are specialists who invest our time, energy and resources making sure our lawyers know everything there is to know about truck accident laws and regulations.”

There are many laws that regulate the trucking business. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict laws that are intended to maintain standards of safety in the trucking industry throughout the US. There are also some state level laws in place for this purpose. For instance, California has laws that specify when truck drivers should take breaks and how long those breaks should be, ensuring that they receive some rest during their working hours.

Notably, there are issues around truck and trailer accidents that can make them more complicated than accidents involving cars. One of these issues involves the determination of liability. Determining liability in a truck accident may be complicated for several reasons. For instance, it may not always be clear who is at fault, especially if contributing factors included problems with maintenance of the truck or trailer. This could mean that there are multiple potentially liable parties. Furthermore, it is common for trucking companies to have legal teams in place because they are aware how likely trucking accidents are. This places an ordinary citizen at a stark disadvantage, especially if they do not seek professional legal counsel as soon as possible after the accident.

In such situations, accident victims are invited to contact the Truck Accident Attorney and request their assistance. Their attorneys boast a wealth of experience successfully representing clients and winning them the compensation that they are due. One of their biggest victories to date, for instance, included a $17 Million settlement for a trucking accident that resulted in the wrongful death of three people.

Interested parties may look up testimonials that the firm has received from prior clients as well. Darlene Woodhull says in her testimonial that, “I wanted to thank you and all of your associates for all the hard work in closing Doug’s case. I believe that God sent you to me because, one day, there you were. Thank you again from all of us.”

Every CA tractor trailer accident lawyer knows that truck and trailer accident lawsuits are complex and challenging. By offering the services of their specialist truck and trailer accident attorneys, the firm believes they can achieve the best outcomes for their clients, obtaining settlements that reflect the sustained damages, pain and suffering of accident victims.

Those interested may reach out to Pete Kestner for further details. They may visit the firm’s official website to learn more as well, or use the included form to schedule their first consultation with the firm at no charge.

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