Trucking Attorney Advises Public To Be Wary Of Big Truck Accidents In Cold Weather

December 01, 2019
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Inver Grove Heights, MN based McEwen & Kestner is reaching out to the communities they serve to warn that the roads will be more likely to see big truck accidents as the region heads deeper into winter. The law firm specializes in representing the victims of big truck accidents, ensuring that they are duly compensated for any injuries or distress they suffer as a result of these incidents.

As winter approaches, the highways can become more dangerous. One reason for this is that air temperature affects the air pressure in auto and truck tires. In cold weather, the pressure in tires drops by one PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If a vehicle’s tire pressure is not regularly checked and maintained, it could suffer a blow-out. If this were to occur with a big truck, the resulting accident can cause serious injuries on the highway.

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Pete Kestner is a big truck attorney and personal injury claims specialist at McEwen & Kestner. His firm specialises in trying big truck claims. He says, “It is good to remind everyone to regularly check their tire pressures. This makes the roads safer for all of us.” He points out that vehicle accidents are responsible for most personal injury cases in the US. While many of these accidents will be between smaller vehicles (such as cars), some involve much larger and heavier vehicles like trucks.

On their website, the firm shares many reasons why tires on trucks can fail, noting that air pressure tends to be both the most common cause of failure as well as the easiest to fix. “One of the key reasons for tire blowouts is improper tire pressure, in spite of it being the easiest to adjust. Outdoor temperature, elevation, and load weights may affect the air pressure within a tire. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the tires are inspected before hitting the road,” says the firm.

McEwen & Kestner specialises in helping people who have had serious injuries in such accidents. They point out that it is important to remember that an injury in an auto or truck accident does not always mean there is legal liability for a personal injury case. Liability occurs when someone is not obeying the rules of vehicle safety or is not driving carefully. This means that liability, crucially, needs to be established following an accident. Learn more here: Big Truck Attorney.

Cold weather is not the only reason that tires fail—hot weather can cause this phenomenon to occur as well. Tires may fail due to wear on their treads. Worn treads do not grip the road surface as well as they should, and more heat is generated on a tire’s surface when traveling at high speeds if it is worn out.

A truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds. As a result, a driver who experiences a blowout when traveling at relatively high speeds would be more likely to lose control of their truck, and the ensuing damage can be catastrophic. Kestner says, “In the event of a tire blow out, there is usually a sudden shift in the motion of the vehicle and the possible shift of the cargo inside. In some cases, the driver might be lucky enough to get the truck back in control and eventually bring it to a halt safely by the side of the road.”

McEwen & Kestner has a section on their website that shares details on the recent cases they have tried as big truck attorneys in personal injury claims (all of which have been successfully resolved). These cases serve to illustrate the fact that the firm is always ready to place their expertise at the disposal of those who deserve proper compensation.

The firm can investigate all of the necessary details when they look for the party or parties at fault in an accident. Kestner says, “No matter how the accident happened, collisions involving trucks can be very dangerous and can lead to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. Therefore, we give each and every case its due diligence to ensure our client is represented to the best of our ability.”

Those who wish to learn more about the firm and the services they provide may reach out to Pete Kestner of McEwen & Kestner to inquire further. Prospective clients are encouraged to contact the office and schedule their first no-obligation consultation at their earliest convenience. More information can also be found at the following link: The Trucking Lawyers - Truck Accidents.

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