OneCall for Air Duct Cleaning Is a Healthy Choice

December 05, 2019
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Awareness has grown tremendously in recent years that indoor air quality is just as important to health and well-being as outdoor air quality. Accordingly, companies like OneCall have made air duct cleaning one of their signature services for people living and working in and around the Houston area and beyond.

The choice made to name the business “OneCall” is not coincidental. They offer, with just one call, access to highly trained service professionals who do air duct cleaning, along with many other property services. These trained technicians will examine furnace controls, the blower fan, and motor or air conditioning coils for signs of dust or dirt.

Many people think that this can be a simple matter of just looking at a few ducts, but it is not. A professional duct cleaning service will find and remove harmful organisms and particles that will go completely unnoticed by the average layperson.

As most people know, high mold levels can cause negative and even significant health effects. There is not always an obvious indication of problem mold but if there is then calling in a professional for an assessment is absolutely imperative. Dust too can cause health issues even when mold is not present as it is known to trigger allergies for some people. Thorough removal of dust from the air system by a trained specialist can significantly improve a home’s or businesses’ overall air quality.

OneCall is available by phone, to both existing and prospective customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This commitment to service and availability shows that they put themselves “out there” all the time, to be ready when they are needed. They know that a crisis in someone’s property is no laughing matter, so when the chips are down, OneCall responds.

In addition to providing access to service professionals, OneCall is also open to partnerships with other service providers across the country. High-quality service providers who offer anything from air duct cleaning to complete remodeling and restoration should get in touch with One Call so that once the vetting procedure is complete, they can list their business and be matched with property owners.

HVAC is clearly one of the most expensive systems in a home and when there is a problem with it, it can literally be a health emergency. Therefore 24/7 availability is incredibly helpful. Even when it is not an emergency, regular maintenance keeps the furnace and air conditioning working efficiently. It all helps to keep a home or office cleaner and healthier.

Most Americans spend the biggest part of each day indoors. This makes the indoor air quality such an important concern. There is more to taking care of a furnace than just changing the filter every month. Experts state that regular whole-system maintenance will help protect and extend the life of any HVAC system.

Some tell-tale signs that it’s time to call in the professionals include heavy dust in the air return registers, very heavy dust on the furnace filters and matted dust in the vent covers. If a member of the household suffers from any sort of allergy or asthma, a regular assessment and cleaning become not just a good idea but a crucial one.

Houston Air Duct Cleaning is readily available via OneCall but even a property owner in Dripping Springs, for example, can expect to find help through them. OneCall serves the entire United States as well as 15 other countries. So, property owners anywhere who need air duct cleaning can rest assured that OneCall is available to help them.

Offering both in-home and property site consultations, OneCall will generate a no-obligation quote on what steps their assessment shows are necessary. Whether it’s a starter home or a multi-site tenancy property, when someone reaches out to OneCall, they will find the right team to perform the necessary work.

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