Dean’s Towing Roadside Assistance Service in Reno, NV Perks Up

November 07, 2019
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Dean’s Towing is introducing its 24-7 roadside assistance service with more value-added services for motorists in Reno, NV. The upgraded service provides four key features namely: fast response, rapid assistance delivery, better customer service, and greater affordability.

Marion Hackettt, the company spokesperson says, “Car troubles on the road not only lead to traffic congestion. They also post great risks to stranded motorists. Our company’s rapid assistance response team can reach customers faster by their deployment in strategic positions in around Reno.” The company has assigned additional towing crews on stand-by in identified areas so that they can arrive quickly in an emergency or distress situation.

This strategy adopted by the tow provider also increases their presence and availability in underserved areas in Reno. Motorists stranded in Peavine, Hirschdale, Boca, Truckee, and Brockway, among others need not wait longer for help when they experience car glitches along the road. Dean’s Towing rescue workers can quickly reach them within 30 minutes from the time of notification. For the complete directory of the company’s service areas, please follow this link:

“Our main priority is to ensure our customers’ safety and well-being,” says Hackett. The company’s centralized dispatching unit can be reached by calling (775) 570-4698. Customers simply need to call the company’s one-stop motor reporting service center to notify the company about their problem and a rescue team will be dispatched to their location. The hotline number is available 24-7 and customers will be readily assisted by their service representatives. Their expert representatives will gather vital on-site information from customers and will conduct an initial assessment to be coordinated with the rescue team so that proper assistance can be delivered.

The improved roadside assistance includes out-of-fuel, car lockout issues, trip inspection, dead battery, flat tire and winch out services. All tow rescue teams also act as mobile mechanics that can provide simple mechanical and engine repairs. Customers may also request for an alternative transport if needed. Their tow technicians underwent a skills development training program to advance their knowledge and skills on roadside assistance and repairs. This will ensure that jobs are performed professionally and competently.

Hackett adds, “Our on-demand services are insured and bonded to ensure high-quality services including the protection of customer’s property from unnecessary or careless damages.” A complete list of the company’s services can be seen here:

The towing company is also set in providing a more customer-centric approach to service which will make the delivery of roadside assistance a more personal experience. Their tow mechanics and technicians are not only skilled but are welcoming, responsive and dedicated which will help optimize the customer experience in all their services. “We are placing our customers at the heart of our business,” says Hackett.

Also, Hackett explains that what gives their company the edge over competitors is its ability to understand and respond to customer’s needs. “What customers need is to get back on the road as soon as possible. Our rescue team will either perform a road repair or tow the stalled vehicle to the nearest mechanic, whichever can attain that objective faster and more efficiently,” he added.

The company also brings accessible, affordable and transparent emergency roadside assistance service in Reno, NV. Price transparency in emergency towing and roadside assistance is a critical issue for all motorists. Most motorists call for emergency road assistance without the slightest idea of how much these services cost, which stops them to make informed and cost- sensible decisions. The company’s customer representatives can quickly brief customers on the cost of their services to empower them to get the proper services they need, within their budget. Check out more information about the company here:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Dean's Towing:

Dean's Towing provides 24 hours roadside assistance. Whether you need local towing or long-distance towing. With the use of the right equipment and tools and towing technicians, we can deliver to you the best towing assistance you need in Reno, NV.

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Marion Hackett
Dean's Towing
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