Manual Coffee Grinder With Conical Burr Mill Of Frux Home and Yard Receives Amazon's Choice Badge

November 29, 2019
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Frux Home and Yard, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is extremely pleased to announce that their Manual Coffee Grinder has received the Amazon's Choice Badge for the search term "Coffee Grinder Burr." The Amazon's Choice Badge is only awarded to a handful of items per search term, depending on their quality, pricing, and their overall review score, which means that Frux Home and Yard’s coffee grinder burr ticks all of these boxes well enough to be considered a superb product that is worthy of the badge.

"We are very proud to have received this badge as it is proof of the outstanding quality of this product," says Mike MacDonald, a representative of Frux Home and Yard. They continue, "This is amazing for us, given that only a handful of products receive this award, and the standards there are remarkably high. Of course, we expect nothing less of the products that we manufacture, but this is still an honor for us. Now, more than ever, we recommend all coffee lovers and enthusiasts to check out our Manual Coffee Grinder and experience what a truly home-made brew tastes like."

As the company notes, this product was designed under the belief that industrial, mechanical grinders rob coffee beans of their aroma and hinder their taste. In light of this, they assert that a hand-ground precision burr coffee grinder silently grinds the coffee beans while preserving aroma, creating a significant difference that can be tasted in every last cup. This is a difference in quality that both coffee enthusiasts and beginners can appreciate and, over time, both grow to prefer grinding their own grains for this reason.

Frux Home and Yard states that their coffee grinder features several functions that differentiate it from other options within its price range. For instance, they note that the combination of their ceramic burr mill, along with their grind selector, lets the user choose from over 18 settings, allowing them to chose their preferred grind size, from coarse to the finest grains of coffee, affecting the taste and feel of it. This outstanding control allows them to freely and easily choose according to the brew that they want to make, whether it's cold coffee, french, espresso, or any other brew.

In addition to this, the Frux Home and Yard Coffee Grinder still retains its remarkable ease of use. The company also points out that, given its size, users will find that the grinder is extremely portable and can be taken just about anywhere. It does not need batteries, power, or any other external device to function, allowing the user to travel with it and brew fresh coffee that tastes amazing on their next camping, hiking, or backpacking trip.

“In addition to being easy to carry around and use, and the noticeable difference in the taste of your brew, we guarantee that our coffee grinder will last you a good long while," states MacDonald. "Our ceramic combo burrs are designed to last five times longer than stainless steel blades. You can rely on them to remain functional and effective for years, which is more than what you can say for some of the other coffee grinder options at this price range."

Since its launch on October 15th, the Frux Home and Yard manual coffee grinder has received several positive customer reviews, leading to an outstanding aggregate review score of 4.8 stars on its Amazon page. Through this space, Terrance Smith says, "I purchased this to keep at work. I have a Keurig by my desk and wanted to avoid going to the breakroom to plug in an obnoxious coffee grinder every time I needed to make coffee. This is perfect. It has a smaller footprint than my travel mug so it stores easily and works great. It works just like a peppercorn grinder used for fresh pepper. It took a little bit of time adjusting to figure out how to set it to the right fineness, but once that was set, it's been great."

More information on Frux Home and Yard’s manual coffee grinder with ceramic burr is available on the company's Amazon page, along with several more testimonials of the product's quality. Interested parties may reach out to Mike MacDonald as well to follow up on any further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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