London CCTV Drain Survey And Drainage Emergency Cleaning Services Launched

November 12, 2019
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RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys

RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys, based in London, UK, has announced that they have launched their London CCTV drains survey and drainage emergency cleaning services. Through their CCTV drains survey, a house property buyer can request for the inspection of the drains of a property to ensure that there are no drainage problems. More information about this service can be found at And if a drainage problem is detected, RSJ can provide drainage cleaning services to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Carl Rumsey, a spokesperson for RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys, says, “Often if there is a re-occurring blockage located onsite we would always recommend that a CCTV survey is carried out. Once a report has been carried out and compiled we would relay our findings. The use of our crawler unit and mobile CCTV can inspect the structural condition of the drain and identify any future problems before they occur. Often when entering a new home or building a CCTV survey would need to be carried out in order to ascertain whether the drain lines are in good condition also.”

The CCTV operators of the company are trained and accredited to OS21X for bricked sewers and OS19X for piped drain and sewers. These are the highest accreditations that can be obtained for all operators who prepare CCTV reports for the creation of long term records across the UK. The company can also provide a mapping service included within their CCTV survey if requested. They can plot the directions in which the drains run in and offer a two-dimensional view using AutoCAD. Those who are interested in the location of RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys can take a look at its Google Maps page at

Their CCTV drain survey reporting and analysis services include a number of reports. These include the overall structural condition of the drainage system; mis-connections; drainage system ownership; network mapping; a drain survey that may be requested by an insurance firm; and detection of vermin or rat infestation within the drainage system.

Pipes and drains blocking up are everyday facts and not necessarily because of abuse, although fats, grease and other things like wipes can contribute to the problem. But blocked drains and pipes are an inconvenience that people would want to see solved immediately. That is why RSJ offers specialist drain cleaning by using high pressure water jetting. This process is especially effective in clearing drains because the high pressure water softens or emulsifies the blockages, restoring flow aided by the water that is used in the jetting process.

In another method used by RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys for drain unblocking, a motorised tool is utilised to rotate a cable or spring which is stored on a drum within the tool. The cable is fed into the blocked pipe and the tool rotates the cable within the pipe. This results in the breaking up of any material that has accumulated within the pipe. This accumulated material is mostly removed with the use of the cable and what remains is safely flushed away into the drainage system.

When called upon to solve a blocked drainage, the engineers from RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys will conduct a brief evaluation of the problem in order to determine the best method for clearing the blockage fast and efficiently. And once the drain or pipe has been unblocked, they will perform functional tests to make sure that the drain is now working properly. And if a structural problem is detected within the drain or pipe, the RSJ vans have CCTV equipment to further examine the defect and they will then offer the most cost effective solution for addressing the problem.

Those who are interested in the professional sewer and drainage services provided by RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys can visit their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email. RSJ Drains is open 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday.

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About RSJ Drains Unblocking & CCTV Drain Surveys:

RSJ Drains is a family-run business in London, UK, that cares for its customers and provides emergency drain unblocking services as well as CCTV drain surveys.The company offers timely service with transparent pricing.

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