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National Teen Driver Safety Week to be Observed by Delray Beach’s Leading Rehab

October 30, 2019
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Florida’s leading drug rehab, Legacy Healing Center, observed the National Teen Driver Safety Week in order to urge young drivers to stay away from substance abuse. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens and one of the reasons why it is so common is because of underage drug use.

Teens and young adults are more prone to reckless driving. They are also more likely to be inexperienced when it comes to road safety and assessing dangerous situations. If drugs are added into the mix, the results are usually disastrous. Drugged driving is defined as operating a vehicle while impaired due to the intoxicating effects of recent drug use.

Drugged driving not only puts the driver at risk, but also their passengers, and even the other people they are sharing the road with.

These are the points being focused on during the National Teen Driver Safety Week, was held on October 20th to the 26th. October is also National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. The National Teen Driver Safety Week is an initiative to address teen driver mortality. It has been going on for 12 years now, and it has brought millions of teens, parents, schools, law enforcement, advocates, and policymakers from across the country together to tackle the problem of car crashes and drugged driving.

This grassroots movement seeks change on the local level as well as the national level. It creates a platform in which people can create positive change. Not only does it raise awareness regarding the issue, but it also seeks solutions that could potentially save the lives of teens everywhere.

Legacy Healing Center serving Delray Beach for drug rehab and alcohol treatment services, understands that scare tactics don’t always work on younger people. In fact, it often just pushes them in the opposite direction because of their stubbornness or unwillingness to listen to authority. Instead, studies have shown teens react better to positive messages that give them options and respect their ability to make their own decisions.

Scaring them into avoiding drugged driving might just cause them to shut down. Research shows that teens are aware of their own vulnerability and are well aware of many risks. Focusing on positive messages and actions that will help them stay safe or keep their friends safe can be very impactful.

National Teen Driver Safety Week is a great chance to get the conversation started, especially when it comes to these sensitive subjects. Teens should be informed of the way drugs affect a person’s way of thinking. Drugs like cocaine can make people reckless on the road. Marijuana can slow their reaction time. Opioids can impair their cognitive functioning. And while driving, these states of mind are dangerous.

So while information and substance abuse prevention are important, there are certain scenarios where it is too late and the person is already addicted. Getting them sober and making sure they do not drive while under the influence is the next step. This is where addiction treatment comes in.

Legacy Healing Center in Delray Beach is an addiction treatment center serving Florida residents. Legacy Healing Center’s full range of addiction services includes outpatient mental health, psychosocial rehabilitation, and relapse prevention for addiction disease and mental health disorders. Patients can get assistance from highly trained staff who have credentials in the field of substance abuse and mental health.

Legacy Healing Center serves as a safe haven for clients experiencing all types of substance abuse disorders. This includes addiction to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, opioid pain medications, and more.

This rehab center makes use of unique and specialized programs that meet the specific needs of older adults in recovery. The treatment programs offered by Legacy Healing Center have a high rate of completion, showing that the company is able to successfully lead clients to better versions of themselves. Legacy offers drug rehab services to Delray Beach residents and beyond.

Get on the path towards sobriety today at Legacy Healing Center.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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