Dog-Walking Startup Wag Explores Possibility Of Sale To Potential Buyers

November 07, 2019
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Sunsella, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that offers home and kitchen products online, has announced that dog-walking and pet-sitting startup Wag has been considering the possibility of a sale to pet giant Petco and other potential buyers. Wag is majority owned by investment firm SoftBank, and the latter has been in talks with Petco over the last few weeks.

Petco and Wag have already agreed just a few months ago on a partnership deal. However, Wag, which was last valued at $650 million, had reportedly failed in its efforts to scale up and could be the latest company backed by SoftBank to be in trouble. If Petco finally buys Wag, this will allow Petco, a brick-and-mortar retailer, to gain some digital marketing capability and would allow it to build relationships with a younger generation of people who own dogs. It should be noted that it is currently facing e-commerce competition from Chewy, which was recently spun out from PetSmart, a Petco competitor.

On the other hand, a Petco purchase will allow Wag to be saved after taking $300 million from the SoftBank Vision Fund in 2018. Wag had recently suffered from heavy criticism due to a number of reasons, ranging from runaway dogs to lackluster financial performance. The company has also suffered several rounds of layoffs, affecting an unspecified number of employees.

The SoftBank Vision Fund is also suffering from a damaged reputation as it has been severely affected by the spectacular downfall of WeWork. SoftBank is reportedly trying to raise another Vision Fund that would amount to another $100 billion or more.

Meanwhile, the home and kitchen products company Sunsella offers various helpful products online. They have a number of products available online that can be convenient for use in the home or kitchen.

One product offered online by Sunsella is something that kids will likely enjoy. This product is a set of six popsicle molds, which have been produced using food safe and high grade BPA free silicone. Each mold is in a different vibrant color, which makes it attractive for kids. And since they are reusable and refillable, kids would be able to develop their creativity in making several combinations of different kinds of popsicles. They have various options for filling and freezing, such as juice, ice pops, desserts, smoothies, jello, and more. On the Sunsella website are recipes for ice pops that children and moms might want to try. These popsicle molds also have an anti-leak and quick-freeze feature that makes it easy to use them. They can be put in the freezer on their side to ensure that they will take up minimal space. They can also be easily cleaned with a dishwasher.

Sunsella also offers online the product known as the Multi-Purpose Pastry, Pasta Cutter and Bench Chopper, Scraper with Ruler. This is a very versatile product as evidenced by its name. It is made from heavy duty stainless steel and it can be used by professional chefs and also for home cooking. This item can also be employed as a baking tool for bread and dough. It can also be convenient to use by people who like to do some outdoor cooking. It can be useful for flipping burgers or for cleaning the barbecue grills. It can also be used for chopping and slicing and chopping vegetables and other food items. And it is a helpful product for cleaning chopping boards, counter tops, bench tops, and many more.

Another popular product from Sunsella is the 100 percent stainless steel vegetable steamer basket. This particular product is constructed from stainless steel and it has been designed such that it can be adjusted in diameter so that it can be made to fit into a broad range of pots and pans. It can be used for steaming various kinds of food, such as vegetables, dumplings, meat, seafood, chicken, desserts, eggs, and many more.

Those who would like to know more about the Sunsella home and kitchen products can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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