Sunsella Products To Be Available For Purchase During Walmart Cyber Monday 2019

November 07, 2019
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Sunsella, a Los Angeles, California based home and kitchen products manufacturer, is pleased to announce that their products can be purchased during the Walmart Cyber Monday 2019. Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale will start this year at 12:00 a.m. ET on Monday the 26th of November. Walmart will offer free two-day shipping for millions of items over $35 on Cyber Monday and throughout the entirety of Cyber Week.

Mike Law, a representative for Sunsella, says, “It’s that time of the year and all the companies are getting ready for their big Black Friday promotions. Walmart has its Cyber Monday promotion coming up—early deals are already available—and we are glad to say that a number of our products can be purchased from Walmart during the promotion.”

Sunsella has established themselves as a trustworthy provider of home and kitchen products. Some of the company’s best sellers include their Silicone Vegetable Steamer Basket, Leakproof Kids Lunch Container, Silicone Hot Handle - Cast Iron Griddle & Skillet Holder Set, Silicone Popsicle Molds, and their Silicone Egg Rings.

Sunsella’s quality products and dedication to their customers has earned them glowing praise. On Amazon, for instance, John shares his review for the company’s Leakproof Stainless Steel Water Bottle, saying, “This little unit works well, and I was surprised just how strong it is and very helpful being able to clip it to your hip belt when carrying gear around. The only drawback for me was that when it is in the cup holder in the car, the clip rattles against the metal bottle. Yes, it would be easy to wrap a tissue around it to stop that annoying noise but it’s usually not until you're actually driving that the noise reminds you it needed to be done.”

On Sunsella’s website, user Ziegmont shares their review for the company’s Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer as well, saying, “Steaming veggies is the best way to get all the flavor they have. These steamers are a mainstay of our kitchen work. The stainless lasts so much longer than lesser ones. The variable size lets it fit from a small saucepan up to a bigger stock pot; very handy. If I were going to knock them for anything, it would only be to have legs a tad taller, but that's no big deal. Just watch the pot on longer steams, like with artichokes, or just fill to an inch or two above platform. Love the Sunsella Steamer.”

In a five star Amazon review for Sunsella’s Silicone Cast Iron Potholder Set, Kimberly L. says, “Being a cast iron enthusiast, and owning many, I have been using the cloth 'pot holders' for years, and they inevitably wind up scorched. Yes, I am sure I could be more careful, but history has proven that I am not, so I ordered this. I love it. I cook a lot of stir fry and fajita style foods in my cast iron, on a gas stove, and I cook on pretty high heat. I love that no matter how hot the pan will get, this will protect me. I will order a few more soon since I often use more than one skillet or pot at a time.”

Mike Law says, “At Sunsella, we are always trying to be the best at what we do. We are always trying to improve ourselves. We have established ourselves as a company that creates home and kitchenware products that you can place your faith in, and we want to keep building that faith you have placed in us. Whenever we design a product, we keep you, our loyal customers, in mind. In every step of the engineering process, we ensure that we are making a quality product that we can stand behind. At Sunsella, we believe our customers deserve nothing but the best.”

Those who want to learn more about Sunsella and the variety of home and kitchen products the company has on offer can find more information on their website. Additionally, interested parties can also get in touch with Mike Law directly for further details. In addition to their website, Sunsella also has a page on Facebook where they post updates on their products and communicate with their customers. All of Sunsella’s products can also be purchased on Amazon.

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