New Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Receives Wonderful Customer Feedback

November 07, 2019
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A cup of coffee is key to many individuals’ mornings. The aroma, the temperature, the taste. It awakens and invigorates. A good cup of coffee starts the morning off right, perking up the drinker and helping them approach the new day with optimism and energy. A bad cup of coffee has the opposite effect. Too cold or too hot. Burnt. Crunchy with grounds. It can be jarring and start the day off on the wrong note. A potential harbinger of a bad day ahead. It turns out that the coffee bean itself, particularly when it is ground, contributes a great deal to how the finished cup of coffee turns out.

Based on the many positive, five-star reviews received for Frux Home and Yard’s new manual burr coffee grinder, customers have found it makes a good cup of coffee. One reviewer, Debby, declared “it’s so easy to used and makes me so happy. Fresh coffee makes my day. I so recommend this grinder.” Another reviewer, Jackie, gifted it to her niece who “absolutely loved it”.

manual coffee grinder

A roasted whole coffee bean contains approximately 1,000 different aromas and flavors. Once a coffee bean is ground, within 15 minutes it loses 60% of its natural aroma due to oxidation. A huge amount of a coffee bean’s flavor comes from its natural aroma, so once that aroma is lost, so too is its flavor. Additionally, coffee oils are very delicate and can be contaminated by neighboring odors. A simple solution is to grind the coffee beans just before brewing.

This concept of small batch grinding and brewing was the inspiration for the creation of Frux Home and Yard’s new hand crank coffee grinder. The grinder’s ceramic combo burrs are designed to last five times longer than stainless steel blades. The grinder has a scale on the side so users know when they’ve ground the correct amount for their brew, and just in case too much is ground, Frux Home and Yard also includes a silicone lid to keep the freshness locked in as much as possible.

The ceramic burr coffee grinder ensures customers get the freshest and most aromatic brew possible. It can grind coffee for an Aero Press, percolator, espresso, french press, drip coffee maker, Turkish coffee and Keurig K-cups. All customers need to do is adjust the coarseness of their beans. There are 18 grinder settings, allowing the user to choose their preferred grind size, from coarse to fine and everything in between. Five-star reviewer Julie reported that “It makes for a really great cold brew.”

This brushed stainless steel manual coffee grinder is portable and compact with a small footprint. It is hand - cranked so it does not need batteries, long power cords, or electricity of any kind to operate. It’s a greener choice of coffee grinders. This makes it perfect for traveling, particularly outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, and backpacking. Multiple customer reviewers report buying it specifically to take on camping trips. Other reviewers have bought it specifically for camping out at work and brewing a pick-me-up right at their desk.

Many reviewers also appreciate that, as a hand-cranked grinder, this Frux Home and Yard coffee grinder is very quiet. One such review is Rose's 5 star review "Excellent manual grinder" in which she shares she bought this grinder to not disturb her household in the morning. Another reviewer bought this manual coffee grinder because they were worried about waking their neighbor. Reviewer Alice, pointed out that it “comes in handy when you want to grind up your coffee and not wake the baby!” Perhaps an excellent baby shower gift for soon-to-be, first-time parents.

This manual coffee grinder with conical burr mill is among the top 20 manual coffee grinders on Amazon and is Amazon Prime eligible. Anyone interested in learning more about this new manual coffee grinder, Frux Home and Yard, or viewing images of the manual coffee grinder should visit either Frux Home and Yard’s Amazon pages or

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