HVAC Contractor Shares Useful Information On Appliance Warranties

November 07, 2019
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Mosartic HVAC Pros, based in Mansfield, Connecticut, has published a new blog article discussing which common house appliances are worth paying a warranty for. The local company uses their blog to provide tips and help the community with various topics related to HVAC systems, including how to take care of related devices, use them to their fullest potential, and other aspects that everyone should know.

As the company states, the common misconception when it comes to purchasing warranties for any product is that it is not worth it. Most appliances have a lifespan long enough that by the time it begins to present failures, or stops working altogether, the warranty's coverage will have expired a long time ago, making it nothing but an expensive piece of paper. Most HVAC companies agree upon this, as they advise their clients to avoid purchasing warranties due to the fact that they are a trap for the unsuspecting, such as individuals who are less knowledgeable in the lifespan of their appliances.

However, given some appliances are more likely to break than others, and their lifespan is shorter, there are a few instances in which purchasing warranties are worth it. In fact, Mosartic HVAC Pros state that it could even save the owner thousands of dollars in repairs and an eventual replacement. The local company seeks to shed light on this, using their extensive expertise and knowledge of the HVAC industry to uncover the cases in which appliance warranties are worth it, as noted on the title of the article, "What Appliances Should You Be Buying Warranties For?"

To provide a better insight into the company's stance when it comes to appliance warranties, Wayne Mansfield, a representative of Mosartic HVAC Pros, states, "When we started this company, we were firm on the belief that warranties were not necessary, in any case. Things have changed since then, and now our stance is different, as back then a five-year warranty did nothing for an appliance that could easily last 19 years. Nowadays, with the transition to higher energy-efficiency standards and the globalization of the parts, the appliances started to break down or stop working more often. This has made purchasing appliance warranties a viable option, though you should know and understand the circumstances on which this is worth it."

According to the Mosartic HVAC Pros, one of the few products that merit purchasing a warranty every time is washers. Even though these devices are not very prone to breaking down, repairs can easily become costly affairs. The associated bills can easily amount up to thousands of dollars, without accounting for the company's cost of labor.

Professional Ranges are another appliance that needs a warranty to ensure the owner's peace of mind, as these tend to break rather easily. On a similar note, refrigerators require constant maintenance and often need service within the first year after their acquisition. The company adds that some refrigerator models are more prone to breaking, and a short stint of research should be enough for owners to determine whether or not they need a warranty, depending on the type of refrigerator they own. Ice Makers fall into the same category of needing constant service, so the company advises getting a warranty for these as well. More information on this is available here: https://mosartichvacpros.wordpress.com/.

Additionally, the Mosartic HVAC Pros explain that some appliances absolutely do not need warranties under any circumstances, such as disposers. Hoods and microwaves are other good examples of this, as they do not have many things that can fail and are usually reliable. Dishwashers fall under the category of being fairly reliable and easy to fix, boasting one of the most inexpensive repair costs of home appliances.

Aside from these, the company advises the community to seek professional advice when in doubt about whether or not they may need a warranty, as they assert that any contractor company should be able to guide them and let them know whether or not their product merits this investment.

The company's blog, which can be found at the following link at https://mosartichvacpro.blogspot.com/, contains more information on several other topics that may be relevant to homeowners, including how to unclog the kitchen sinks, reduce indoor air pollution, and more. Interested parties may also contact Wayne Mansfield to make further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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