Leading Chiropractor Publishes Blog Post On Staying Mobile Over The Years

November 06, 2019
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Newark, Delaware based Pure Wellness, one of the leading Chiropractors serving Newark, Wilmington, Smyrna and Middleton, has released a new blog post to help readers stay mobile as they age. Given that bodies tend to lose their mobility and flexibility as the years go on, the clinic hopes that these tips will help readers maintain the active lifestyles that they love as well as their comfort in their own bodies.

According to the post, "The best way to stay mobile as you age is to keep moving. And the best time to start is when you are young. However, if you are older and find that you just don’t have the get up and go that you once did, there are things you can do to increase your mobility. The best time to start is right now so find your decade below and use the tips to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will keep you moving into your 70s and beyond.”

The blog post is broken down into five parts, separating age groups into 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s and above. The clinic uses this broad generalization to help readers find the most relevant information for them in a relatively prompt manner, but the latter is also advised to read the nearby sections to see if they fit into those groups better regardless of their age. For instance, a person who already maintains an extremely active lifestyle may find more use in the information regarding the decade below them. Conversely, the other end of the spectrum may require otherwise.

In essence, the chiropractic clinic advises that incorporating as much movement as possible into one’s daily habits can drastically help keep the stiffness and soreness at bay. The post adds, “Add to that a healthy diet, good quality sleep, and staying hydrated and you have a terrific plan for great health. It’s just that simple. Do what you can but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself a bit. Just make sure you stay safe. If you are unsteady, make sure someone is there with you, so you don’t fall or get hurt. If you can find an exercise buddy, that’s even better.” However, they also note that regularly seeing a chiropractor can help anyone maintain their flexibility and mobility no matter their age. As such, readers are invited to consult with Pure Wellness to discover a program that complements their lifestyle.

The practice was recently featured on Street Insider, a leading online news site, in an article that featured the clinic’s mission to raise awareness of the importance of proper spinal care. In the article, Dr. Eric Marks of Pure Wellness states, “It’s easy to take a nasty landing on your back during a fall and immediately connect this to the bruise, pain, swelling, restricted movement, and overall discomfort you experience the next day, but fewer people know how to connect back pain to poor sleep posture and so on.” The article points out that simply knowing the cause of the issue may not be enough, citing examples of office workers who make the connection between their lengthy periods of inactivity in uncomfortable positions with lower back pain but do not change their lifestyle or otherwise attempt to address their issues.

Many people ignore pain in the beginning, choose to “man up” or take a pain reliever. However, this is often the worst thing they can do as this approach can exacerbate the problem instead. Many also overlook the fact that stress itself can compound the issue, making it difficult for those trying to cope with their existing pain. Those who have used a chiropractor for work injuries often find a few simple changes can help enormously once they have seen a professional who can help them onto the road to recovery.

The Pure Wellness clinic has a specialized rehabilitation program for auto and work injury patients. Many people experience a variety of confusing symptoms, which may appear to be unrelated. Speaking with an experienced chiropractor can help connect the dots between their experiences and what might be causing them. It is not uncommon for initial inflammation to subside and other symptoms to occur, which can range from muscle spasms to ligament tension, exhaustion and other symptoms.

Dr. Marks states, “Our mission is to help our patients return to their pre-work or pre-auto accident injury status. We encourage them to continue the stretches and exercises to reduce the likelihood of sustaining new injuries and to help minimize a recurrence of their previous issues.”

One of their patients, Michele Hyatt-Deieso, had suffered extreme full body pain since her 20s. Now at the age of 51, she began to see Dr. Marks. In her review, she said, “It’s been a few months now. Pure Wellness is a great place to go. The staff may have an overwhelming day, but they always have a smile on their face. Always says hello. Always has time for me. Well, now I have been coming to see Dr. Marks and since he has been working on my back, my pain level is down to a 3-5; that is a great relief. I am able to relax and feel better. I don’t sit and cry all night every night because of the pain. Also, the staff there brighten up your day.” She added, “After 20+ years of chronic pain, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. He is compassionate and caring; his main goal is to help change your life for the better. I love his staff. Everyone is upbeat and happy to be there.”

Dr. Marks responded, “Every time we receive feedback like Michele’s, we are humbled that they have placed their trust in us to help them heal. It makes us even more determined to get the best possible results for every single patient, no matter how bleak they may feel their current situation may be.”

To assist patients through their own journeys to wellness, the clinic provides a full range of wellness services that include chiropractic therapies, massage, acupuncture and additional techniques to reduce muscle tension and inflammation or aid in the healing process.

Those who wish to find out if the chiropractic client can help them are encouraged to request an appointment through the Pure Wellness website. They may also call to arrange an appointment. Furthermore, they may follow the award winning clinic on their active social media channels to stay up to date with their latest blog posts as well as other news and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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