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Custom Chiropractic Treatment Clinic Now Open in Santa Monica

November 07, 2019
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Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab has announced that they now have a location in Santa Monica, CA in addition to their locations in Culver City, Marina Del Rey, and Brentwood, also in the state of California. Prodigy is a chiropractic clinic that prioritizes the health of their patients and offers near immediate appointments with a no wait policy, convenient locations, and accepting most insurance. They also have a staff that is very friendly and courteous, which is imperative for health care related companies in the health care industry. People who need health care, especially those with chronic illnesses and severe pain, want to be treated like they are human and valuable just as much as every other person.

The team at Prodigy Chiro Care offers a variety of treatments, with goals of educating their patients along with treating them, and making sure the patient experience produces ongoing satisfaction and results that last a long time, rather than a temporary fix and requiring people to come back a lot because there are still problems. The facility even has an x-ray unit so that patients can have x-rays done at the clinic instead of needing to go to other doctor’s offices to get x-rays to guide the chiropractic treatment. The doctors at Prodigy can provide family care, sports rehab type care, and everything in between, whether the situation requiring treatment is acute or chronic. They welcome patients with knee and shoulder injuries as well.

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Some people who might be interested in Custom Chiropractic Treatment Santa Monica include people who have back pain, sufferers of sciatica, those with scoliosis, as well as persons affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and numbness in their hands and feet. Anyone in the Santa Monica area who deals with these kinds of issues and more can go to Prodigy Chiro Care and see what they can do for them. The clinic also offers spinal decompression, which can be very beneficial to a lot of people in various ways, and is not offered at many chiropractic clinics in and around Santa Monica.

Additionally, Prodigy is known for its caring and professional service, and many years of experience. Google reviews support this. One reviewer on Google Maps, Mark Leibowitz, says, “I have been visiting Prodigy Chiro Care since 2012 when I came in with a back injury covered by my insurance. Dr. Rodriguez helped me heal my back and didn't pressure me to keep coming back for treatment that I didn't need. After my first series of weekly treatments I said, see you in a week and he said that I'd be fine for two weeks. After the next meeting I said see you in two weeks and said see you in a month for a final checkup. Since then I have been coming back for maintenance periodically which includes not just chiro but also massage and acupuncture. I like that it's a one stop shop for all my treatment needs and that they are always available to help, but don't pressure me. The office is clean, the staff professional and friendly and the price is right, now that I pay out of pocket.”

There are a number of Chiropractor Santa Monica at Prodigy Chiro Care. In addition to at least three doctors who are trained and certified in chiropractic medicine, they also have a number of chiropractic assistants who are certified Medical Assistants and assist with the care of patients who come to the clinic. The clinic also provides massage therapy, custom orthotics, and merchandise including nutritional supplements to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle that is good for their posture. The clinic believes that diet and exercise are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and a health care regimen, and regularly posts about health care, stress reduction, and good exercise habits on their facebook page. Anyone interested in learning more about Prodigy Chiro Care can visit their website or contact the clinic by phone or email.

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About Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Santa Monica:

Services include massage therapy, custom foot orthotics, nutritional supplements, and various merchandise to maintain positive spinal and postural routines. We look forward to helping you along the way to a happy and active lifestyle.

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Carlos Rodriguez
Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab
1511 4th St
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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