Utah Disaster Specialists Repairs Water Damage in Heber City

November 13, 2019
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Utah Disaster Specialists, a disaster cleanup company based in Centerville, Utah, recently cleaned up extensive water damage in a vacant home in Heber City, Utah. The recently repaired Heber City water damage struck the recently constructed home after water entered through a chimney which had not been properly installed. Because the chimney was missing some important safety features to protect against water penetration, rain water was able to enter the home through the chimney. Once inside the home, the rain water crept into the walls around the chimney and soaked through the floor. As a result of this intrusion, the basement ceiling was holding a lot of water, and four rooms in the house had damage from water and mold which needed to be mitigated by professional water and mold removal experts, such as those at Utah Disaster Specialists. Indeed, once the homeowner discovered the water damage in her home, she called the experts at Utah Disaster Specialists who promptly came to the water damaged home and cleaned it all up. Now the home is as good as new.

Utah Disaster Specialists is available to clean up water damage in a number of cities in Utah, including the areas surrounding Ogden, Park City, Provo and Salt Lake City. Water damage is a very serious issue that affects a large number of homeowners. Regardless of whether the water damage happens because of flooding or just subtle dripping, or whether the water is from a natural disaster, rain, or a more human disaster such as a clogged sink or a burst pipe, or anywhere in between, the consequences of water damage can be incredibly serious. For one thing, it takes a long time for water to completely dry, especially in materials like wood that tend to absorb water and hold onto it. Any amount of hidden moisture can continue to cause issues, such as structural damage, rot, attracting bugs and ants, or, possibly the most dangerous, mold. A professional, such as those from Utah Disaster Specialists, can help keep homes safe from mold by inspecting recently flooded homes for excess moisture and the beginning stages of mold growth.

If mold is discovered, all is not lost. Once mold has been found in an inspection, which it often is after flooding events, professionals can remove the mold from the home. It is important to remove mold quickly, and have professionals do the work, is because mold can be extremely dangerous. Mold spores release toxins known as Myotoxins, which can be inhaled and are extremely toxic to humans. Myotoxins can cause serious respiratory problems, and lead to memory loss, exhaustion, or even eventual death, in particularly vulnerable people. All of this can be caused by living or working in a space with mold, and can only be made worse by attempting to remove the mold. Utah Disaster Specialists and other disaster repair companies are well trained and have the proper protective equipment to handle mold cleanup after a building has been flooded, such as the home with water damage in Heber City.

Beyond water and mold damage repair, like the job in Heber City, Utah Disaster Specialists can clean up and repair homes after a fire, and also help homeowners deal with home insurance after a fire. They are also available to clean air ducts. Air duct cleaning can help remove allergens from the home and keep everyone living there breathing easily. All of Utah Disaster Specialists’ services can keep home feeling like home, no matter what life throws at it. Utah Disaster Specialists is an experienced damage repair company in Utah, and has successfully repaired damage for a large number of homes in the area, from Salt Lake City to Provo. Anyone interested in learning more about the services they provide, or hiring them to clean up damage, whether that damage is from water, ice, or fire, or something else entirely can contact the company or visit their website.

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