Sharon Lombardi Introduces 8 Week Fitness Programs

October 17, 2019
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Sharon Lombardi, a professional personal trainer, has launched 8 week fitness plans aimed at helping people live a healthy life without necessarily spending a great deal of time in the gym. This comes at a time when people interested in having healthy bodies but are too busy to spend a day in a gym.

“This program is tailored to your lifestyle. The flexibility of the program is what people LOVE. Instead of focusing on temporary FAST results this program focuses on results that last a lifetime. This is because we focus on helping you transform your habits instead of using restrictive diets and time-consuming workout methods,” said Sharon Lombardi, the co-creator of

There are many people already following the program and when asked if the program is fit for everyone, Sharon who is also an Instagram fitness trainer said, “There is no one diet. We are all unique and have very different dietary needs. I personally dislike the term diet because it is typically associated with a temporary change and restriction. Instead, I like to focus on mindful eating techniques that help make eating healthy a lifestyle habit for everyone.”

She works through social media and her website to make sure that her weight loss plan can easily be accessed by those in need of a fit, healthy body.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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