IIFYM Announces Launch of New RMR Calculator

October 28, 2019
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Tempe, AZ based IIFYM would like to announce the launch of their new RMR calculator. The new IIFYM Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR, calculator is used to calculate the body’s metabolic rate when at rest. RMR is a useful tool for flexible dieting, especially is the subject in question is using IIFYM techniques. One’s body does not require energy to store fat but does for muscle tissue, which is why most diets fail.

A lot of people also believe an effective diet involves an abrupt reduction in the amount of calories they consume, which is generally not the case. An abrupt reduction in calorie intake can lead to muscle and fat realignment, which in turn can make it harder for them to achieve the desired results.

The RMR calculator is very simple and easy to use, able to produce results in only a few seconds. The calculator asks users to input their physical stats, including gender, age, height, current weight, and goal weight. Once it has this information, the user is asked to describe their daily routine by stating whether they consider themselves sedentary, active, or very active. The user also inputs their standard training routine and how fit they are. With this information and some other pertinents bits of data, IIFYM’s online calculator can email the user their resting metabolic rate.

The company also has a BMR calculator for those on a mission to get lean, build muscle, master their body composition, and meet their weight loss goals. “It is no secret that IIFYM.com is the authority on flexible dieting,” says IIFYM. “We help people burn fat and build muscle at an alarming rate. Our clients make amazing progress while eating the foods that they love, without the suffering that one might expect with a traditional fat loss diet.”

rmr vs bmr calculating your macros effectively

A number of clients get in contact with IIFYM every day asking for help with weight loss and muscle gain. One of the first things IIFYM does is help them figure out their Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR, using one of their fitness calculators. Knowing one’s BMR is incredibly important for anyone looking to make any significant changes to their body. As the company states, “If you want to succeed at making any sort of body composition changes, whether it is to gain or lose weight, you need to know your basal metabolic rate.”

BMR represents the number of calories one’s body burns when at rest. “This is simply the energy required to keep your heart beating, your lungs taking in oxygen, your brain functioning, and all the other everyday tasks your body does to maintain life,” explains the company. “As the name suggests, ‘basal’ is equivalent to ‘fundamental.’ If you sat in bed all day long and didn’t move a muscle, this is how many calories you’d burn. When our clients approach us, this is the first number we figure out. This gives us a much better idea of how we may formulate a fat loss diet plan for them.”

Many people often confuse this with RMR. While the two are very different, they are both very important for anyone looking to lose weight or gain muscle. IIFYM’s calculator will calculate the exact amount of calories one’s body needs to stay alive, and help the user make better choices regarding their diet when trying to lose or gain weight. One can find IIFYM’s BMR calculator at the following link: BMR Calc.

IIFYM, also known as If It Fits Your Macros, started with the intention of helping people make better food choices when trying to lose weight. In the past, people would simply eat whatever foods were considered ‘clean’ or ‘healthy’ while trying to lose weight and simply hope for the best. People hardly ever tracked their macros, choosing to simply rely on these ‘healthy’ foods instead. The founder of the company, Anthony Collova—through drug addiction, ADD, and divorce, as he explains—managed to discover an effective, healthy method of losing weight. He has, over the past 15 years, been helping people get in shape. “I’ve been doing this for 15 years now, and I’m damned good at it,” says Anthony.

Find out more about IIFYM, their effective weight loss programs and their powerful weight loss calculators online at their website.

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