AEI Decon Offers Meth House Cleanup Services In Utah

March 25, 2020
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AEI Decon, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has announced that they are providing meth house cleanup services in Utah. A meth house may have been used as a meth lab or its previous residents had smoked methamphetamine, releasing meth residues that could now be found on various items and surfaces in that home. These chemical residues can cause health problems for the next inhabitants of the house who may experience various kinds of symptoms like skin irritations, respiratory problems, headaches, and long-term effects like increased risk of cancer, ADHD, asthma, and others. Young children are especially at risk.

Nate Coombs, owner and general manager of AEI Decon, says, “Homeowners, REO brokers, and investors may need our meth house cleanup services. We are a professional and certified decontamination company and we can provide the meth house cleanup that you require. Real estate agents, home sellers and rental property owners can reduce their liability and guarantee clearance with the health department after we have completed the cleanup and decontamination process. Our staff has the knowledge to help inform potential buyers of the process and time frames expected throughout this unfamiliar situation.”

There are a number of benefits that people can get from the meth house cleanup services provided by AEI Decon. These include the neutralization of methamphetamine and its residues in the home; reduced time needed to decontaminate the house, resulting in faster marketability; enhanced indoor air quality, resulting in a safe living environment for the family; killing of bacteria that cause foul odors, including pet odors and tobacco smoke; guaranteed decontamination; access to the services of a licensed and insured professional environmental company; and access to the services of a state certified decontamination specialist on all job sites.

House buyers, investors, and rental property owners may want to check for signs of a meth lab in a particular property. These include denial of access to the house or unit; paranoid behavior of people in the property; significantly increased number of people visiting the house or unit with the visitors only staying for a short while; covering and blacking out of the windows; guard dogs; odors of chemicals not usually found in residential areas; trash bin with unusually large number of pill packaging; burning of waste materials that occur often; glass containers that have dried chemical deposits; stained pillow cases, coffee filters, or bed sheets; and unusually large quantities of household chemicals.

People who suspect there is a meth house in their property or in their neighboring house or apartment will need to be careful not to alert the meth lab owners. Some of the other things that they can do is alert the authorities; not touching or opening anything including boxes and containers in that particular house or apartment; not spending time inside the unit; not shutting off their electrical power; and contacting an environmental testing company to perform the required testing for meth.

Many meth houses needing cleanup do not, however, exhibit these signs. Even smoking one time in a home can be enough to contaminate it above state acceptable levels. For this reason, and because so many properties needing decontamination do not have obvious signs, industry experts strongly recommend that all properties be tested for methamphetamine residue whenever new inhabitants come in. Home buyers should always test a property for meth as part of a home inspection. Sellers should perform meth testing before proceeding to rehab work in preparation of a home sale. Landlords and property managers should have meth testing done prior to moving new tenants into a property.

AEI Decon offers cleanup or decontamination of the meth house in order to eliminate the residues that can have negative effects on the health of the next inhabitants of the property. The usual method of cleaning a meth house is to eliminate all of the items in the house, such as furniture, cabinets, flooring, fixtures, and all other items that are not part of the structural elements of the house. Household chemicals are sometimes used in an attempt to clean the meth house, but these have been proven to be only partially effective at best.

AEI Decon has a proprietary process utilizing specially-formulated products for cleaning the meth residues effectively, including from the furniture, cabinets, non-porous flooring, and others, thus saving the costs of replacement. This product is also safe, environmentally-friendly and non-hazardous to people and pets.

People who want to know more about the meth house cleanup services of AEI Decon can check their website at, or contact them on the telephone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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AEI Decon provides homeowners, REO brokers, and investors with fast, affordable decontamination and remediation services for hoarder cleanup, mold restoration, and methamphetamine contamination.

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