Pest Experts Offer Rodent Control Services In Winnetka

October 15, 2019
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Winnetka, Illinois based Pest Experts, is pleased to announce the availability of their Rodent Control services. They urge the community to hire a specialist to deal with this plague before a mice problem becomes an entrenched infestation. The company has been serving local residents for several years, helping them ensure the well-being and safety of their households by removing any pests that may inhabit the same space.

A spokesperson for the company states, "While you may think that you have done everything you can to prevent a pest infestation in your house, this is far from the truth. Even if you clean thoroughly and do not leave any food lying around, rodents and other kinds of pests only need access to your trash, or your neighbor's, to survive. Once they establish such a source of food, you will be dealing with an infestation before you notice any sign of it. Homeowners should be especially aware that months can go by before they notice that they are sharing their living space with these unwanted tenants. The risk lies within the long list of diseases that these pests carry, as they pose a serious threat to the health of you and your loved ones. Species like the house mouse are highly infectious and can easily contaminate your food."

According to Pest Experts, dealing with any rodent or other pest infestation should be the homeowner's highest priority. The risk of leaving an infestation unattended outweighs the hassle and inconvenience that may be caused by having a pest crew working around the house for a day. Furthermore, Pest Experts reassures their clients that their house will be free of any insect or rodent that has been lurking within once they are finished with the project. The company states that they will also handle pests that managed to go unnoticed until their visit, as the first part of their services always involves a thorough inspection of the area and assessment of the situation at hand.

Once the extent of the infestation has been determined—and a plan devised to tackle the problem, the company will communicate their plans to their client. Further action will only take place once the client agrees to the use of pesticides and other strategies to address the situation. The Winnetka Pest Experts only make use of environmentally-friendly pesticides, going as far as to recommend Herbal Pesticides as an alternative to Chemical Pesticides. They maintain a firm belief that the use of Chemical Pesticides should be closely monitored, if not avoided at all costs, with other healthier, safer, and more hygienic alternatives being employed instead.

"We believe that our customers only deserve the highest quality of service, and that’s what sets us apart from other pest control companies in the area," asserts the company. "We are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our clients, and we will not leave until we ensure that their house is protected and free of all pests and rodents that may have resided within. Contact us, and we will demonstrate what makes us one of the best pest control companies in Illinois."

The Pest Experts can ensure a satisfactory result by relying on a qualified team of pest experts trained to handle any problem with ease. They are fully licensed and insured to further ease their clients’ concerns. The services provided by the Pest Experts include fumigation against the following pests: ants, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, silverfish, firebrats, beetles, earwigs, crickets, pillbugs, bed bugs, and many more. Additionally, they also treat rodent infestations and remove other mammals from their clients’ properties, such as skunks and raccoons. These services are available all across the Chicagoland area, including Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Highland Park, Park Ridge, Winnetka, and Mount Prospect.

The company's website hosts more information on the services provided by Pest Experts, including a thorough description of their procedures and a form through which clients may request a free consultation. Furthermore, customer reviews, testimonials, and the company’s other success stories can be found on their Yelp page at the following link: Yelp Reviews.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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