San Diego Drug Rehab Facility Gets Five Star Review

January 14, 2020
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Hope Canyon Recovery in San Diego, California, has announced with pride that they have received a five star review from one of their clients. Emily Queen expressed her satisfaction as to how the faculty and staff of the substance abuse treatment facility have helped her husband transform into a new man. Meanwhile, Hope Canyon Recovery wants to point out that it is indeed their mission to help transform people’s lives through medically-based addiction recovery.

In her five star review of Hope Canyon Recovery, Emily said, “The faculty and staff are amazing here! Nadia is amazing and so helpful! They made my husband into a new man! His whole mindset changed! I really appreciate everything they did for him! They put them in outside environments to teach them how to cope in the real world while still having the recovery bubble. Amazing people! Cannot brag enough!”

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Bonni Cardoza, clinical director at Hope Canyon Recovery, says, “It makes us feel proud and challenged at the same time when we receive such a review. We are proud of having been recognized for our efforts to provide the best kind of service and at the same time, we are challenged to continue to satisfy the needs of our clients and patients.”

She continues, “Addiction has the power to destroy lives, dismantle families, and ruin communities, but it doesn’t have to. Our facility is dedicated to combating the growing substance abuse epidemic by providing top quality rehabilitation services for those in need. Our treatment programs are specifically designed to keep you safe and comfortable. We are committed to you and your recovery journey. Your success is our success!”

The drug rehab San Diego facility wants to point out that one of the major obstacles to recovery for patients is their fear of suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Indeed, such symptoms could be so intense that they are even life threatening, which is why trying to recover at home through will power alone is not advisable. Those who try to recover by themselves thinking their strong will power is enough can easily become a victim of a cycle of relapse that could even end in tragedy.

At Hope Canyon Recovery, they offer clinically supervised programs to ensure the comfort and safety of patients as they go through the recovery process. Their treatment will be based on the specific case of each individual, making the process stress-free and smooth so that they can focus on the emotional and mental transformation process that they will need to undergo on the road to addiction recovery.

Hope Canyon Recovery offers residential inpatient rehab, which is the most recognized type of addiction recovery treatment. Through this kind of treatment, patients are guided in their journey to recovery by case managers, therapists, and other addiction recovery specialists. Residential rehab patients go through individual sessions, group dynamic therapy, and life skills training to provide them with the tools that they need for recovery.

The treatment facility provides a private environment for patients that allows them to focus on recovery through self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-growth. In essence, the residential rehab treatment facility is a community of peers who truly understand the recovery journey so that patients will never feel alone in their struggle to achieve short-term and long-term recovery goals while they are taught coping techniques that the need to maintain their sobriety.

Bonni Cardoza points out that a number of things make them stand out from other similar addiction treatment facilities. First, they ensure low occupancy, which allows them to be more focused on each individual’s needs. Second, they ensure that patients can easily access knowledgeable staff if they have any immediate concerns. And third, they ensure an effortless and smooth transition into residential rehab so that patients would be able to focus on their healing.

And when clients are about to complete their inpatient residential program, they will finalize their aftercare plan. This plan ensures stress-free transition out of the controlled inpatient environment to the outside world.

Those who are searching for addiction treatment San Diego residents can rely on may want to check out the Hope Canyon Recovery website or contact them on the phone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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