Atlanta Institute of Music And Media Shares Marketing Tips That Every Music Producer Should Know

October 04, 2019
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The Duluth, Georgia based Atlanta Institute of Music and Media published a new blog entry sharing a list of Ten Marketing Tips For Music Producers. As part of their efforts to help the community of artists around them, the Institute has put this list together in the hopes that it will help aspiring and beginner music producers build their brand and expand their clientele.

Nite Driscoll, the President of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, states, "Building a name for yourself and earning recognition in this industry is not an easy task by any means. We have seen countless individuals fail to identify the essential aspects of a successful music career. Through this article, we hope to instruct and guide them in this very significant matter, helping them succeed and follow through on their dreams. After all, this has always been our goal at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media."

The Institute notes that the first few years in this industry are often the most challenging, as attracting talent is difficult until the producer has gained a respectable amount of recognition in the area. Some have the option of recording themselves and producing music with the instruments that they have, but this is not a viable option for everyone. In light of this, the Institute has set themselves on the mission of producing a comprehensive guide that will help music producers find success in almost every situation.

The first topic discussed in their article, and the first piece of advice shared by the Institute, is to set clear and attainable goals. Setting some goals and landmarks early in someone's career as a music producer is the best way to encourage them to keep going, giving them a sense of accomplishment and success with every landmark fulfilled. The Institute also presents a few examples of realistic and weak goals, explaining that having an unreasonable goal is just as bad as not having any.

An example of a good goal early in someone's career, which transitions well into the second tip given by the Institute, is to set up and make use of marketing materials. Creating a business card, developing a logo, handing out flyers, and producing stickers are a great way to begin one's career as a music producer. This outreach helps them attract clients and serves as the first goal to accomplish in their road to becoming a successful music producer.

The next of the 10 marketing tips for music producers also ties with the past tip, as the Institute advises career hopefuls to begin networking among close friends and work their way up towards a bigger audience. Live shows are a great way to begin networking, as this is a place where well-established musicians, as well as raw talent, gather and seek new opportunities. Even if they do not find success attending these live shows at first, getting to know the industry up close and seeing how musicians handle themselves is a valuable asset to their experience.

Another effective way of building a network of people to work around is through the utilization of social media. Creating a business page is the first step to earning renown and distinction in the industry, and while one may not be able to take full advantage of such pages without an expert's help, they are still a good place to start. Successfully using social media also ties in closely with the appropriate use of marketing tools, as social media pages host billions of active users every day.

Next, the Institute suggests that aspiring producers create a showreel. There are several things to consider when using this tool, and while a beginner music producer may struggle at first, it will bear fruit once they gather more experience. There are several things that they will want to include on their first showreel, such as examples of their talent, versatility, uniqueness, and samples of their best work. The showreel can be hosted on the producer's website or social media pages once they are set up, and it will serve as a most effective presentation card if used properly.

Interested parties may visit the Institute's website to read the complete article and a break-down of each tip. They may also check some of the other resources available on the blog hosted by the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. Furthermore, they may contact Nite Driscoll to make any further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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