Keenhealth Pet Thermometer With Small Flexible Tip Now On Sale

October 08, 2019
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Denver, CO based Keenhealth is pleased to announce that after years of research, their new user-friendly pet thermometer has finally launched. This new product is expected to make it easier for families to keep their beloved furry members in good health.

Keenhealth states, “We understand that pet owners are always justifiably concerned with keeping their four-legged companions in the best of health. Even though veterinary science has never been as advanced as it is today, nobody likes to go to the vet unnecessarily. Worse, no pet owner wants to accidentally miss the fact that their cat or dog is unwell. In response to this, we designed a thermometer that is perfect for use with pets.”

They continue, “Some owners might be under the impression that feeling their pet’s ears or nose will indicate whether or not it is sick, but this is simply not the case. Similarly, we advise you against assuming that a pet or other small animal’s stable temperature can be compared to a human’s. You should always look up the relevant health data for your pet on reliable websites or, ideally, consult with your preferred veterinarian in case you have any doubt about the health or temperature of your pet. Therefore, it is vital that you have a fast, durable, and accurate thermometer that will always help you decide whether your pet needs a visit to the closest medical professional.” Notably, the company’s rectal pet thermometer boasts all these advantages, in addition to a few more that owners are sure to appreciate.

For instance, the thermometer features a small and flexible tip designed to ensure the pet never feels any unnecessary discomfort while their temperature is being taken. Given that pets naturally resist having their temperature taken in this manner, Keenhealth’s device helps ensure that a reading can be obtained with minimal fuss. Additionally, the company is quick to reassure owners that the thermometer is completely waterproof.

They explain, “We are aware that the medical application of such devices requires them to be maintained in a hygienic fashion before and after each use. Therefore, we took measures to encase our thermometer in a 100% waterproof coating. Given how durable the material is, you can safely wash it as much as necessary before you store it away. We also suggest that owners give it a quick wash and wipe before using on their pets, especially if the device has been stored for a particularly long period.”

They also guarantee that, “The veterinary thermometer is precision-engineered to give a temperature reading within 25 seconds or less. You can rest assured that the temperature is accurate and reliable.” The ability to take measurements quickly, combined with the thermometer’s large and easily visible digital readout, means that owners do not need to hold their pets still for too long, as they may have to with other brands of thermometers. As the company explains, “With Keenhealth’s pet thermometer, taking their temperature is made easy. The thermometer is developed with a dog’s overwhelming enthusiasm and eagerness in mind, so it is naturally a good fit for more docile animals like house cats as well. The cat and dog thermometer has everything it needs to take precise measurements without being too much of an irritant to the pet it is used on.

Since the pet thermometer is a relatively new product and does not yet have any customer reviews, Keenhealth invites their community of pet owners to share their own feedback once they try out the device themselves. “We’re always eager to hear back from our customers,” says the company, “because it gives us practical, real-world insight into how our products are being used and what we can do to improve them. If you try out our new thermometer, we would love to hear from you too.”

Those who would like to learn more about the K-PT-678 rectal pet thermometer may contact Lily at Keenhealth to follow up on any further inquiries. More information can also be found on the thermometer’s Amazon product page.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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