New Keenhealth Digital Thermometer For Sale, Featuring Double Digits And Faster Readings

October 07, 2019
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Denver, Colorado based Keenhealth is pleased to announce that the K-DT-429 BLU, a newer variant of their Digital Double Digits Thermometers, is now available for sale on Amazon. Keenhealth is best known for providing convenient health solutions that are designed to fill a demand in the market for health products manufactured to high standards.

While the ’standard’ variety of products available is often only good enough to perform at the bare minimum, Keenhealth considers it their mission to ensure that their customers have access to the best tools within the same price range. As such, the launch of this new thermometer highlights the company's commitment to self-improvement and innovation, especially since the K-DT-429 BLU features solutions and utilities based on the feedback provided by their customers.

A spokesperson for Keenhealth states, "While the importance of having a tool like this in your home is self-evident, choosing one out of the many models available is a tough decision to make. There are several things to take into consideration, though it often comes down to making a compromise between the convenience or accuracy of such a thermometer. With this in mind, we set to the task of developing a product that makes as few compromises in these two fields as possible, and our K-DT-429 BLU Digital Thermometer is the culmination of months of research and development. It promises to be one of the best tools that you can have at your disposal, and we’re eager to show you why."

The K-DT-429 features utilities that rival those of high-end digital thermometers at a fraction of their price, promising to be the best version for those who are on a tight budget. One of the device’s most remarkable traits is the quickness of its readings, as its measurement time takes a mere twenty seconds—with an accuracy of 1/100th (2 decimals). These two traits together earn it an unrivaled position among other digital thermometers in the same price range. This is because it does not compromise on the accuracy of its readings nor its convenience of use, packing both features into one highly versatile and affordable product.

To take full advantage of its accuracy, the K-DT-429 BLU model displays its temperature readings to two decimal places. Additionally, this model also keeps a record of its past readings, allowing the user to conveniently keep track of any temperature changes far before they scale out of control. This allows users to detect increasing temperature patterns, providing them with all of the information required to act on the smallest decimal changes to temperature readings.

Another common piece of feedback among the company's clients was the need for a thermometer that is easy to handle, which Keenhealth addressed by making the K-DT-429's tip more flexible. It is also completely waterproof, allowing the user to clean it thoroughly and hygienically to ensure its sterility for future use. Its durability is also remarkable, as the flexibility that the thermometer possesses protects it against falls and the sort of mishandling that often occurs while trying to measure a child's temperature.

Despite being a new product, the K-DT-429 Blu Digital Thermometer has already received several customer reviews on its Amazon page, where it enjoys an aggregate review score of 4.7/5 Stars. One of the most recent pieces of feedback, written by Nicole D., states, "I love this thermometer. It is really easy to use and I love the colors they used. The black and blue is so much more welcoming than the regular white that we as customers usually have to get when shopping for a thermometer. It seems to be pretty accurate and I am happy I found this product, and I use it to measure the temperature of my kids with it under the tongue."

Another review for the Keenhealth rectal and oral thermometer reads as, "The big display with color indicator and sound on the thermometer is very helpful. It was hard to change the reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit, but that isn't a big issue since the back of the box shows what Celsius translates to. It also comes with a clear plastic container to keep the thermometer clean. I would recommend this product to my friends."

The company's Amazon page features more information on the K-DT-429 BLU Digital Thermometer, including a thorough description of its functions. Interested parties may also use the Amazon platform to voice their inquiries on the product’s Q&A Section. Keenhealth will respond promptly and dutifully to their customers’ concerns.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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