Ogden Utah Residents Advised To Book Air Duct Cleaning Services In Preparation For Winter

October 04, 2019
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All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, a company based in Centerville, Utah, has announced that they are advising residents in Ogden and neighboring areas to book as soon as possible their air duct cleaning services in preparation for the upcoming winter season. The company wants to point out that people need to ensure that their heating system will be operating efficiently during the winter. It is advisable to book the services of an air duct cleaning company because of the expected drastic increase in demand for the service as people rush to ensure that their air ducts are clean in time for the cold season.

Daryl Olsen, owner of All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, says, “People need to make sure that their air ducts are free from accumulated dirt, dust, debris, dust mites, molds, and other contaminants that do not only put the health of people at risk but also severely reduce the efficiency of the heating system.”

He continues, “We use a very large vacuum system designed to put your air duct system under negative pressure. We close or seal each vent to maintain this pressure and prevent dust entry into the home. We then clean the interior of the ductwork with special tools that travel through the ductwork to dislodge the debris. Once airborne inside the ductwork, the debris is drawn into the vacuum system by the strong airflow created by the negative pressure. After cleaning the ductwork, we can sanitize or deodorize the system.”

Daryl Olsen points out that the heating and cooling ductwork presents an ideal breeding area for germs and bacteria. Some health experts have estimated that about one in six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the bacteria and fungi that are found in the air duct system. Furthermore, the dust and dirt in the heating or cooling system is a major cause of HVAC system breakdown, requiring emergency service calls. In addition, a clean air duct system means that the system is more efficient, resulting in savings in utility costs.

The company recommends having the furnace and air ducts cleaned at least once every two to three years, depending on people’s living conditions, or annually for homes with allergic patients.

Another important service that can be provided by All Clean Air Duct Cleaning is dryer vent cleaning. This is important because lint from clothing tends to accumulate in dryer vents. Lint from the clothing being dried tend to accumulate in various crevices and parts of the dryer system. This can result into reduced efficiency of the dryer and it may also increase the risk of a household fire. By getting the help of professionals, such as the team from All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, people are able to increase the efficiency of their dryer and help minimize the risk of serious accidents like fires.

There are a number of indications that the dryer vent already requires cleaning. One of the most frequent signs is that the clothes appear to be taking a long time to dry. It may also be that the clothes only dry partially despite keeping them inside the dryer for a long period of time. Another possible indication is that the clothes feel very hot at the end of the drying cycle. It may also be that the appliance feels unusually hot or there is a burnt or stale smell and the laundry room feels more humid than usual. Finally, another indication is that the hood flap of the vent can only be partially opened because of a blockage. The result is that airflow is restricted.

Some people might think that they can do the cleaning of the dryer vent themselves. However, this is not advisable because they lack the knowledge on how to reach the problem areas and get rid of the lint.

People who are interested in booking Ogden Utah air duct cleaning services from All Clean Air Duct Cleaning can visit the company website or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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