Rug, Tile, And Upholstery Cleaning Company Explains Benefits Of Chem-Dry Cleaning In Salt Lake City

October 04, 2019
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Centerville, Utah based Mr. Chem-Dry is pleased to share more information regarding their chem-dry cleaning process. As the chem-dry method boasts numerous advantages over other cleaning solutions, the company hopes to help their customers get more comfortable with requesting this novel service. In particular, Mr. Chem-Dry advises customers to look into the ease with which chem-dry cleaning is able to restore tile surfaces to their original, gleaming appearance.

The larger a home, the larger the surface area of its floors, and this expansive space means that more cleaning has to be done to keep their surfaces clean for both hygienic and aesthetic purposes. As such, homeowners often resort to conventional forms of cleaning that involve heavy, extended periods of manual labor, including vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, and so forth. However, it can be difficult for residents to keep up with the sheer demand of all their floor surfaces, especially if their cleaning schedule is complicated by other factors.

As the company points out, “Not everyone has the time to stick to a regular cleaning schedule. Even with relatively small homes, it can be a great hassle to move furniture around and ensure that every floor surface is clean enough to live with. This problematic situation is compounded if the residents are elderly or are otherwise unable to do more than the bare minimum.”

Mr. Chem-Dry asserts that no person should have to live this way. Instead, the company offers homeowners the benefit of their own services—with special regard to the extensive applications that the chem-dry method can be put to use in. They note that, “We, and other companies like us, are known for our ability to thoroughly clean rugs and carpets, but few understand that the same chem-dry method that is so successful there can be utilized with tile floors as well.”

Put simply, chem-dry technology is used to inject microscopic bubbles throughout the carpet fibers. Given that most carpets are prone to trapping tiny particulates beneath their surface layers, chem-dry can be used to extract any dirt and debris up to the surface, where they can then be suctioned off with ease. Mr. Chem-Dry adds that, crucially, this process requires much less water than other cleaning solutions, such as steam cleaning.

Carpets, as explained by the company, “are natural filters, capable of trapping allergens, dust, and even germs that are floating in the air. Over the course of several months, you may notice that certain areas of your carpet are becoming much darker. Although you could rent a carpet cleaner from a local grocery store, it is sometimes better to use a professional service to get the job done properly.” Notably, the same chem-dry process that is so successful with carpets can be used on tile surfaces as well (with some adjustments).

The company states, “If you currently have ceramic or stone tiles in your home, you know how quickly they can become discolored. It is most noticeable with a tile and grout flooring, specifically when the light colored grout becomes exceedingly dark. It is very common for people to use scrubbing pads, on their hands and knees, to remove the dirt from the grout. However, there is an easier way to do this. It involves using the Chem-Dry process.”

They continue, “Using the same techniques for removing particulates from carpet fibers, our professional technicians are also able to extract dirt and bacteria effectively from the tile and grout. Most importantly, it is done for you, eliminating the need to overexert yourself trying to keep your tiles clean on a regular basis.”

Mr. Chem-Dry invites all interested parties to visit their website to learn more about the chem-dry process as well as their other cleaning solutions. Customers may contact Daryl Olsen of Mr. Chem-Dry to make any further inquiries, and connect with the company through their social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news, posts, and announcements. More information can also be found here: Tile Cleaning Salt Lake City.

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