Cincinnati Wildlife Control Company Critter Detective Launches New Website

October 08, 2019
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Critter Detective, a well-established Cincinnati based animal removal company, owned and operated by Erik Fisher, has just launched its new wildlife control website in time for fall. Fall is the time of the year that raccoons and squirrels in the attic, in particular, tend to be at their most problematic.

As the weather changes, nuisance wildlife will tear their way into buildings and homes to find shelter. Even if they don’t gain entry, both squirrels and raccoons are capable of causing a lot of mess and damage to the outside of a home. Digging up lawns and causing damage to roofs, soffits and fascia boards are typical damages caused by both of these species. Raccoons, of course, have a well-deserved reputation for being attracted to garbage cans and the mess they leave behind can be quite something to behold.

Critter Detective Wildlife Control

Inside a house or building, the potential for damage is even more extreme. They will smash and crush insulation and at times even come through the ceiling. Raccoons are the stronger of the two and can get inside almost anything since they are agile climbers and jumpers, but squirrels too can cause damage because of their constant necessity to chew. If it can be chewed upon then a squirrel will try to gnaw it. This can mean damages to fixtures and fittings as well as electrical wiring which is a major cause of home fires.

There is also the potential for disease to be considered. Both animals are likely to leave urine and feces behind which is a health hazard in itself. With raccoons, this can mean parasitic roundworm eggs left behind which can lead to illness along with the possibility of diseases like salmonella or leptospirosis with squirrel droppings. Perhaps most alarmingly of all, raccoons have been known to carry rabies and that is obviously not something that should ever be taken lightly.

Critter Detective, a Cincinnati animal removal company, has been in business for over two years and has acquired an enviable reputation for their helpfulness and professionalism. Critter Detective LLC is “A” rated by the Better Business Bureau. They are also top-rated, screened and approved by HomeAdvisor. In addition, HomeAdvisor has also given them an elite service award and they have a perfect five-star rating.

Critter Detective are experts in dealing with both the removal of wildlife and assisting with the animal damage repair aftermath of such intrusions. It is not easy to prevent either squirrels or raccoons from getting into somewhere they are not wanted. Deterrents that one often sees advertised for use in cases like these aren’t much help either.

Tom Baldwin who had a squirrel problem said, “I tried everything. All the old wives’ remedies to keep them away, and all the modern gadgets I came across and nothing helped.” That is when he turned to Critter Detective.

The owner of Critter Detective, Erik Fisher, said, “Repellents do not work and are nothing more than a gimmick. Many of our customers have called us after they have tried to take care of their squirrel problem on their own.”

Once someone has a wildlife problem, it is time to call the professionals. Critter Detective LLC has all the expertise, knowledge and equipment to deal with both removal and clear up. Critter Detective knows how to safely remove animals so that neither the specialists or the animals are injured during the removal process.

Once the nuisance animals have been removed, Critter Detective moves onto the next stages of the process. They will clean up the mess that the animals have left behind in order to ensure that potential biohazards have been eliminated. If necessary, they will assist with deodorizing the area concerned.

Removal and sanitization are not all that they do. It’s no good simply removing the problem if other nuisance wildlife can then re-enter the home or attic. Critter Detective will examine the property and look for the weak or vulnerable spots that allowed the animals to gain access in the first place. As part of this process, they will also identify what needs to be done in order to prevent future incursions and seal all areas with guaranteed animal exclusion.

In addition to launching their new website they now have a social media presence that can be found at Critter Detective Facebook. Details of their website and how to get in touch with them can also be found there.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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