DigitalRez Announces Launch Of The New Community Based Tourism Tech Website

September 23, 2019
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DigitalRez, a reservation and property management software company with offices in Barbados, Australia, and Canada, has announced that they have finished development on their new Community Based Tourism Tech website. The company had been working on this project for several months, and are now excited to share the results of their work with the public. The new platform promises to be a unique space where tourism professionals can gather and share their excitement for community-based tourism, advising and guiding each other on their activities and what affordable technologies are available to get their projects off the ground.

Kevin Hall, a spokesperson of DigitalRez, states, "We are very excited to make this platform available to tourism boards, associations, and professionals around the world. Our expectation for this space is that it will be a valuable resource for all community-based tourism professionals. We will regularly be adding new information concerning community-based tourism, which is a promising area of the field that remains rather unexplored. We look forward to reading what the community has to say about this website and listen to their feedback. Ultimately, this platform is for their use, so we will be regularly updating it according to their experience on the site."

Community Tourism Tech

The new Community Based Tourism Tech website is dedicated to sharing useful resources on community-based tourism. As the name suggests, it represents a branch of tourism that is owned and managed by communities whose intent is to deliver a broader benefit to the area's residents. Through this initiative, DigitalRez seeks to support a form of sustainable tourism that allows visitors to connect personally with the communities they visit. They provide valuable opportunities for visitors and locals alike, as the benefits of the initiative are gained mutually, and provide an experience that would not otherwise be possible.

The company says, "The website offers the tourist a deeper experiential, participatory, cross-culturally interactive insight into local people, unique culture, traditions, music, environment, art, and craft than they would otherwise get and the community as key stakeholders can exercise greater control and accrue more benefits than they would otherwise receive. This form of tourism gives tourists authentic experiences while allowing revenue generated to remain in the community. There are no downsides to this, as these are job and revenue opportunities that would not otherwise be possible, which will, in turn, improve the experience of future visitors and community-based businesses."

However, while it may seem like every step of this community-based tourism will be handled by locals, the company notes that they expect to complement this service with technology. The Community Tourism Tech initiative intends to demonstrate how the implementation of a technological ecosystem can help ensure the success of a community-based tourism pilot project. The benefits that this implementation will provide to the community include easing their transition into the digital economy, which will help the community access extra revenue for small and medium-sized, community-based businesses.

This technology also promises to help the community thrive. An example of this is the inclusion of technologies that require little physical infrastructure, and even less maintenance, such as WiFi. This promises to help developing countries gain pace on adopting new technologies and provide them with opportunities to improve, in a significantly shorter period of time.

The ultimate goal of promoting Community Based Tourism is to preserve the culture of local areas by encouraging residents to embrace visitors and share their lifestyle with them, rather than changing to fit the requirements of the tourism industry. The technology involved is merely a means of easing this process. DigitalRez is currently evaluating the cost of this system when applied at scale, as it is important to ensure that it is viable into the future.

The new Community Tourism Tech website includes all information relevant to this new initiative, including case studies and the various challenges that the company is currently dealing with. Those who wish to learn more about this topic may reach out to Kevin Hall of DigitalRez to follow up on any inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About DigitalRez:

With offices in Canada, Barbados and Australia, DigitalRez has been supplying software, support and systems to the worldwide accommodation, camping and charter industries since 1993

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