Mike Marko Reviews Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates

September 12, 2019
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Mike Marko of IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just published an article about Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates. Marko describes both as practices that emphasize the spiritual aspect of yoga. They draw on Christian liturgical tradition in particular, infusing yoga with Christian principles. Marko claims that whereas traditional yoga is concerned primarily with self-discovery, Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates focus on discovery of God and the relationship of the practitioner to God.

Marko asserts that this makes Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates an excellent alternative to those who want a wellness practice like yoga but who also seek deeper meaning from the practice. He explains this in his article by describing the base components of these practices first. In particular, he notes that both yoga and Pilates are wellness practices that involve specific postures, breathing techniques, and mindful meditation. However, he also notes that there are spiritual aspects to them as well, particularly for yoga.

In Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates (a combination of yoga, Pilates, and Christian teaching), Marko states, these spiritual aspects are emphasized. Furthermore, they are brought to the fore through Christian spirituality. For example, Marko notes that Christian music is played during Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates sessions. Practitioners may also chant Bible verses while doing postures. In so doing, they develop both an enhanced awareness of their bodies and breathing while also awakening to the self in relation to God.

Marko explains that Holy Yoga was developed by Brooke Boon, a former Jew who experienced a personal crisis leading her to the Christian faith. He claims that Boon was a dedicated yoga practitioner who initially struggled to reconcile her newfound faith in Christ with her yoga practice. However, she eventually found the synergy between them, which led to her developing Holy Yoga.

Boon began to provide instruction to others in Holy Yoga and it took off. Today, Boon’s Holy Yoga Global company provides training to people worldwide who are interested in experiencing and spreading a more spiritual approach to yoga. Marko claims that Boon’s company has already trained 4,500 persons to date. It offers myriad training programs as well for those who want to try Holy Yoga or Holy Yogalates for themselves.

Marko describes a number of their Christ-centered yoga training programs in his review. He begins with their First-time Instructor Training course, which spans 200 hours, includes 9 weeks of online training, and takes participants on a 6-day immersion retreat.

He follows that up with their Existing Instructor Training program, which is designed specifically for those who are certified or experienced yoga teachers. Like the previously-mentioned training program, this involves a 6-day immersion retreat for participants. However, it only involves 100 hours of training and 6 weeks of live online classes.

That training program is often the precursor to one of Holy Yoga’s most intense training programs, also known as the Masters Training Program. This course is designed to take participants even deeper into the philosophy of Holy Yoga, according to Marko. Marko describes this as a program intended for the most dedicated of yogis hoping to develop an even stronger understanding of yoga, spirituality, and Christ. He states that it involves 300 hours of study and 9 weeks of training modules.

Marko goes on to describe a number of other training programs available for Holy Yoga practitioners. These other programs include Specialty Training (which covers special needs like those of pregnant women, juveniles, and seniors with physical considerations), Therapy Training (for those in medical fields or who need physical therapy), and Self-study Training (which combines courses in weights training, trauma sensitivity, and Yogalates).

Furthermore, he describes the Holy Yogalates training program, which melds yoga, Pilates, and Christian teaching in order to produce a practice focused on producing a stronger body and stronger spirit. According to Marko, the Holy Yogalates training program also includes access to an online training center, 8 hours of instructional video, access to a private Facebook Group, and support from a senior Holy Yogalates trainer.

Marko concludes that both Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates may be the ideal solutions to those who need an approach to fitness and wellness that takes into account the role of the spirit in health. He believes those who are seeking a deeper relationship with God can benefit from these practices. He also provides some suggestions for those who want to try Holy Yoga and Holy Yogalates immediately.

Marko is the founder of IM Consultant Services, an online marketing firm. While he often writes about digital marketing on his blog, he also regularly reviews companies, brands, and various new services that catch his eye. His candid reviews are often a source of useful information to those curious about the businesses he puts under the microscope. Those who are interested in learning more can go to his website and browse his blog for more reviews. Alternatively, they may also go to the IM Consultant Services website and contact Marko or the members of his team using the contact details published there.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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