TNL Works To Expand Services In California Amid Housing Crisis

September 11, 2019
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California based The Net Lender (TNL) is reaching out to Californians across the state to inform them that the company is always ready and willing to offer them financial aid during emergencies. Noted for their rapid service and low entry requirements, TNL hopes that their cash advance programs will help residents across the state avoid becoming victims of the burgeoning housing crisis. Learn more at the company’s website, which can be found here:

According to an article published by Rolling Stone, titled ‘Why Can’t California Solve Its Housing Crisis?’ California is hosting a surge in homelessness despite being, “the epicenter of the tech industry and the wealthiest, most progressive state in the union.” The article centers around a family that was pushed into homelessness by the rising cost of living which, in recent years, has also meant a rapid rise in rent. For instance, the article notes that San Jose has only built one unit of housing for every six jobs created in the city—an environment that has proven itself prone to inflating rents, harsh competition for available living space, and what the article describes as, “economic evictions.”

Unfortunately, this is a fate that is shared by many other families, with more becoming homeless every day due to their inability to consistently meet rent at current market prices. The article also quotes Michael Lane, Deputy Director of the nonprofit Silicon Valley at Home, who says, “More and more people at higher and higher incomes are finding themselves with this cost burden, so as quickly as you fill up [new] units, you have more people falling into homelessness—oftentimes through economic evictions, where they can no longer afford the rent increases.” Those who wish to read further may look up Rolling Stone’s article. They may also visit TNL’s Press Advantage page to learn more about the company’s own opinions and how they respond to such economic hurdles.

The Net Lender states that their services exist to help people who find themselves in need of quick cash advances. Whatever the source of the emergency, whether an unforeseen medical bill, extra groceries, or even the simple need to make it to an upcoming paycheck, TNL is pleased to help their customers get past the relatively small financial hurdles they face in everyday life.

“The problem with these small financial issues,” says TNL, “is that they can effectively threaten your livelihood if you fail to address the wrong one at the wrong time. For example, if you didn’t notice your rent has been late for yet another month in a row, you may be at a higher risk of eviction. Such realizations often come too late for the individual in trouble to take measures to remedy the situation by other means.” The company continues, “Fortunately, if you own a car, there’s a lot we can do for you. Simply put, you can apply for financial aid through us, using your car title as collateral.”

Crucially, TNL’s services can be utilized by people who need it the most. “We understand that you can accrue poor credit through circumstances that are out of your control,” says the company. “While banks and other institutions may refuse to help you based on a low credit score, we believe that our services do the most good in such communities. All you need is the car title to a vehicle that you own. Apply for a cash advance through our website or drop in at one of our offices, and you may find that you’re eligible for financial aid that exceeds $10,000.”

Applicants should note that this figure is based on the vehicle’s mileage, age, condition, and current resale value. View a full list of the company’s offices here: However, there is one benefit that many will appreciate. As TNL states, “We don’t take possession of your car while you pay us back. Once you receive your financial aid, you may keep you car and commute to work or use it in any other way as you normally do. We find that this is more convenient for our customers.”

Those who wish to learn more may visit the company’s website to read a comprehensive breakdown of their services and requirements. They may also contact TNL directly to make further inquiries and follow them on their social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news, offers, and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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