Dentist Seeks To Bring Healthy Smiles To Cleveland Communities

September 12, 2019
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Cleveland, OH based Hylan Dental Care is pleased to offer their services to the residents of local communities. With conscientious and dedicated focus, the clinic seeks to both treat and educate their patients, combining industry-leading dental techniques with a warm and informative atmosphere.

Dr. Brad Hylan of Hylan Dental states that “Part of the service we offer includes teaching patients how they can take care of their own teeth. While some may believe that we prefer patients to be completely at our mercy, this is not the case. Our objective has and will always be to ensure that our patients have healthy, shining smiles. We’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal—so our patients receive all the assistance they could possibly ask for.”

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In the past, Hylan Dental has demonstrated this commitment to their community’s oral health through their willingness to freely and publicly share information on maintaining a healthy set of teeth. In some cases, this involves discussing more effective methods of cleaning with their patients. In other cases, the Cleveland dentist has reached out to explain how patients can find appropriate dental care even when they are on a tight budget. “We understand that many of our patients struggle to make ends meet, even if they have dental insurance. While we are keen to help everyone we can, we surmised that many other communities have similar issues getting the dental care they need,” says Dr. Hylan. He continues, “To ensure communities outside our reach are not left helpless, we shared a few details of the dental field that were not widely known. It was the least we could do.”

Notably, this goal also encompasses a segment of the populace that may wish to actively avoid going to the dentist: those with anxiety regarding the profession. “One part of our program involves educating people,” reiterates Dr. Hylan, “but the other has to do with the services we offer and carry out ourselves. While many patients are able to tolerate the dentist’s chair, even if they are not completely comfortable with it, others are prone to deep stabs of anxiety and fear over the process. At Hylan Dental Care, this is exactly the sort of patient we have the most experience working with.”

Dr. Hylan explains that the clinic was built from the ground up to sustain a warm, inviting, and calm atmosphere. The dentistry’s staff consists of highly capable individuals who were selected and trained for their ability to reassure concerned patients and maintain an aura of calm as they carry out their work. “We sometimes say that we cater to cowards,” says the doctor, “but this is not to say that this fear is unnatural. We understand your concern and we empathize wholeheartedly. The important thing to remember is that we always cater to you. We’ll always do our best to talk you through our procedures, telling you what to expect and how best to get through it with minimal fuss.”

Prospective patients will be pleased to learn that the clinic offers 24 hour emergency dental services, as well as a free consultation for new patients. They are always encouraged to visit the practice at one of their four Cleveland locations when they are most comfortable, and even emergency care is provided with the same careful consideration that the staff maintain during normal procedures.

As the clinic states on their website, “Our dental clinics are unique and distinctive because we incorporate skill, experience, and technology all under one roof. The work of our highly competent doctors of varying disciplines of dentistry, coupled with the use of the latest equipment and technologies, ensures that each patient is treated like royalty. Our goal is to set them on the path for a lifetime of exceptional dental and oral health.”

Patients who wish to learn more about the clinic are invited to contact Dr. Brad Hylan of Hylan Dental Care. More information can also be found on their website, including a full list and breakdown of the various services they offer. Additionally, interested parties may read more about the clinic at the following link:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Hylan Dental Care:

Dr. Brad Hylan and Dr. Paul Hornyak are dentists with offices in Cleveland , Brecksville and Aurora, Ohio, who are known for being gentle and being available for emergencies.

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