Geelong Company Outlines Benefits Of TV Rental And Its Ease Of Payment Through Centrepay

September 13, 2019
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Molendinar, Queensland based Easy Payment Options has reached out to the public, outlining the various benefits that their TV Rental Services have to offer. Alongside these services, which are now available for Geelong residents, the company is mostly known for providing accessible alternatives to purchasing electronic appliances, as they present clients with a convenient rental process that is catered towards fulfilling their needs. More information on the services the company offers in Geelong can be found at the following link:

Richard van der Velde, a spokesperson for Easy Payment Options, states, "Renting electronic appliances addresses most of the issues that people encounter when purchasing the same product. Our clients do not have to deal with the indecisiveness and pressure that often comes from making a financial investment as significant as this. We advise our clients and help them find the rental model that fits their needs the best. They can rent these products at a significantly lower initial outlay than if they were to purchase it. You will not only get the product that you desire, but you will also get it at a competitive price. There is no downside to renting these appliances from us, which is why the community continues choosing us over the years."

As the company remarks, customers often end up using electronic appliances such as TVs and laptops until they completely stop working. Even when these stop working correctly and become more of a nuisance rather than an asset, they continue to use them, delaying the purchase of new electronics until the last possible moment. Most of the time, the cause of this is the high costs associated with upgrading to new devices, which makes it especially hard for people on a fixed income to justify the investment.

Companies like Easy Payment Options provide a solution to these problems. They allow their clients to rent the desired product and pay for them in quotes that are comfortable and accessible. Through this initiative, they support their customers by allowing them to acquire electronics of the highest quality in a manner that would not have been possible otherwise. More information on the various models available, as well as further details on their rental program, can be found on this video link:

The rental program that Easy Payment Options has devised offers several benefits and advantages, ranging from the convenience of their payment options to their broad catalogue of products. The company states that their clients can also elect to complete their fortnightly payments through Centrepay or Direct Debit. Both of these are options that allow them to set up an automatic fortnightly payment.

Another great advantage that the rental program offers is the opportunity to purchase the product from the company at any given time—at a discounted price. Van der Velde states, "Some customers like our products so much that they decide to purchase them from us, which we gladly allow. However, we also have a deal for those who are technological enthusiasts and prefer to change their electronics every few years. They can decide to change their TV or any other appliance at the end of their contract, allowing them to stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology—without committing to any heavy financial investment."

Overall, the company notes that there is no better time than the present to replace an old TV before it stops working. The broad selection of products they have available for rent allows their clients to find an option that suits their needs, including smart TV’s,allowing them to dispose of old appliances that barely work.

Easy Payment Options offers their services across the country, allowing their clients to obtain a product from a trusted retailer, at a remarkable price, regardless of their location. The company's website includes more information on the various rental options that Easy Payment Options offers, as well as a complete catalogue of their available products. The company invites interested parties to contact Richard van der Velde to follow up on any inquiries. Customers may also learn more at the following link: Company ABN 44 010 413 215 - Australian Credit License 388677.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Easy Payment Options:

We provide a way for people to access good quality items as rental goods with affordable payment options of weekly or fortnightly.

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