Apex Pest Control Offers Bird And Pigeon Control In Barnsley, UK

September 11, 2019
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Apex Pest Control - Barnsley, based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK, has announced that they are offering a bird and pigeon control service in Barnsley and neighbouring areas. They want people to know that their service is designed to help protect the family or business against potential health problems. Bird droppings can can be contaminated and can carry health risks. Their service has two parts: first, they get rid of the bird problem; and second, they proof the property and clear the bird droppings to make the area safe.

“We protect people from the dangers of pest-borne disease and the risks of poor hygiene. We improve lives with pest control services that protect the health and well-being of people and the reputation of our customers' businesses,” says Tony Johnson, owner and head pest technician at Apex Pest Control.

He continues, “And at some premises, there is a need for ongoing pest management to remove the birds. Such examples may be that a nearby venue or problem outside your control is a food source for the birds. In these scenarios pigeon-proofing the building is a must to act like a pigeon deterrent to keep the birds away.”

Apex Pest Control can provide various kinds of bird proofing and pigeon deterrents to suit different situations, depending on how they assess the problem, from low pressure to heavy pressure systems. The various options for bird proofing include stainless steel spikes, low-pressure post and spring wire systems, bird netting, electrical bird deterrent systems, shooting, and trapping.

As part of its bird & pigeon control service, bird netting can be put up at the front of the building. The mesh is tensioned and comes in various colours in order to suit the building materials. Zips may also be placed in the netting to permit access for maintenance. And just like with bird netting, stainless steel spikes may also be used to serve as a barrier against the pigeons.

In the event that the barrier systems are ineffective, shooting may be used. However, this will require an individual licence for pest controllers. Shooting of pest birds is mostly done inside buildings or factories where the pigeons are roosting and nesting on girders, ledges, or windowsills. The shooting will have to be done after dark when the pigeons are roosting and hesitant to fly out of the building. It is required that each shot complies with an ethical code of conduct and minimizes suffering. It is then required to bird proof the building after the area has been cleared of birds.

The trapping of pigeons is usually done on top of buildings or in areas where the pigeons often feed. All of the food sources for the birds will have to be eliminated. And then cage traps are positioned and baited for a number of days with the doors left open. Once the birds are used to going inside the traps to feed, the doors are adjusted so that the pigeons can enter but are not able to go out through the opening. Food and water have to be provided in the trap. And the traps have to be visited every 12 to 24 hours to remove trapped pigeons.

Trapping may have to be done for several days and then this is followed by a period where the traps are not set, before re-trapping starts. For problematic sites, a 12 month contract may be needed to maintain control. Any non-target birds that get caught will be released unharmed.

Tony Johnson explains that there are many reasons why people may want to use the services of Apex Pest Control. These include their team of professional pest technicians, their more than 30 years of experience, their team of local pest experts, quick and discreet treatment, and the fact that they are insured and NPTA certified.

Those interested in pest control in Barnsley, UK, can check out the Apex Pest Control website, or they can contact them on the phone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Apex Pest Control - Barnsley:

Apex Pest Control - Barnsley started in 2016 by Tony Johnson, who is a pest controller with over 30yrs experience. Now Tony specialises as a pest control specialist and is NPTA signed up. Based in Barnsley and serving South Yorkshire.

Contact Apex Pest Control - Barnsley:

Tony Johnson
35 Whitecross Ave
S72 8GA

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