Mike Marko Publishes Post on How to Market YouTube Videos

September 18, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of his new post on how to market YouTube videos. He says that this article is intended for business owners who want to know how to market their businesses effectively using video content. He further says that using YouTube is currently the most widely-used video-sharing platform, which makes it important for all business owners who want to do video marketing.

Marko says that YouTube video marketing for business can be used to maximize the online presence of a brand. However, Marko mentions that business owners cannot always guarantee success with video marketing, especially if most of their content is not attractive to viewers. It can even distract viewers from the selling proposition of the business or give them the wrong impression of a brand.

That being said, Marko’s advice for business owners is to learn the right YouTube marketing strategy to be successful using this platform. In his post, he discusses tips on how to market YouTube videos to increase views and grow a brand online. Marko goes on to say that business owners will be able to know how to market their YouTube videos effectively and will increase YouTube video views after learning these strategies.

Marko goes on to talk about YouTube being a social network that can be used to demonstrate expertise as well as promote, share, and engage with customers. However, Marko says that YouTube marketing is not simple to do. It takes a lot of effort to truly engage with customers and draw their attention. Thus, he urges business owners to apply the tips that he discusses in this article.

The first tip that Marko discusses for marketing YouTube videos is to collaborate with video creators. He says that this is considered the quickest way to increase exposure and views. Marko advises business owners to get connected with related brands and make collaboration videos with them on the platform. This is a win-win situation for both parties since they’ll be able to reach both of their audiences, thus augmenting each other’s reach on the platform.

Marko also advises his readers on various ways to collaborate with content creators on the platform. He provides tips on how to create the videos, where to upload them, and so on. Marko goes on to say that being in other YouTubers’ videos can help boost a brand’s visibility on the platform, and may help it reach new audiences.

Another tip that Marko talks about on how to market YouTube videos effectively is to promote videos by using SEO or search engine optimization. For this, he urges business owners to learn how to use keywords to boost the chances of their video content appearing in the results for relevant searches on Google. The professional marketer states that business owners should aim to have their videos and channel be at the top of Google search results when viewers search for content similar to theirs. To that end, Marko suggests using primary keywords in video titles, using keywords in video descriptions, and using them in video tags as well.

Marko’s next tip for marketing YouTube videos effectively is to make a blog for a YouTube channel to make it personalized. He says that if marketers build relationships with viewers by another means, their YouTube views will certainly increase. Moreover, frequently posting on blogs keeps audiences engaged between video releases. It also increases the odds of people finding a brand’s YouTube channel. Even if viewers don’t directly find a certain YouTube channel in a Google search, they may stumble upon it through blogs, after all.

Promoting videos on social media is also among the tips that Marko discusses with readers to efficiently market their YouTube videos. He urges business owners to post links to their YouTube channel on Twitter or Facebook, for instance. He even tells business owners that they can create a Facebook fan page for their YouTube channel, for cross-platform promotion. Aside from that, he suggests being descriptive in video titles to help viewers know exactly what a video is all about. He says this can help entice people to view a video because it gives them a good idea of what to expect from it.

Along with that, Marko also talks about engaging with viewers and subscribers to stimulate audience interaction. He also talks about using attractive thumbnail images for videos. He assures readers that viewers will notice a good thumbnail or video picture at once and may decide whether or not to view a video based on that. Hence, the video thumbnail gives businesses a chance to impress their audience.

Marko owns the Ohio-based firm, IM Consultant Services. It is a company that offers various digital marketing services dedicated to small- and medium-sized companies. Some of the services he and his company offer are social media marketing, search engine optimization, website design, and many more. These services are intended to help businesses reach their successes, particularly on the Internet.

Marko’s latest post can be read on his official website. He mentions that he posts blog content regularly to deliver significant information to business owners and marketers today. Aside from YouTube-related blog posts, Marko also shares his knowledge on several online marketing topics in his blog. His blog holds valuable content about online marketing that serves as a guide for a lot of online businesses.

Marko encourages those who are interested to access his blogs on his website. He also says that those who are interested in making use of his company’s services can visit his official website or contact him by email or phone. IMCS has a recognized track record in Ohio as one of the leading digital marketing agencies.

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