Mike Marko Publishes Post on How to Promote Business on Facebook

September 17, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of his new post on how to promote business on Facebook. He says that this article is for business owners who are struggling to promote their business on this social media platform. Furthermore, he says that this post helps business owners sustain their online presence to achieve growth in their businesses.

According to Marko, Facebook is now number one among social media platforms when it comes to active users. Thus, businesses have a good chance of reaching more potential customers on this platform. However, Marko asserts that having a business page on Facebook is not enough. That’s why he discusses strategies on using Facebook for marketing in this blog post to help businesses achieve growth and reach more audiences.

When it comes to ways to promote business on Facebook, Marko says that there can be challenges. Given the fact that Facebook has a huge number of users and there’s stiff competition on it, getting the attention of potential customers is hard to achieve. Because of that, business owners need to learn the different strategies they can implement to effectively promote their businesses on Facebook.

The first strategy that Marko discusses is to improve a business’s Facebook presence by using a location tab on the company’s page. He mentions various benefits this feature offers to businesses and customers, such as helping customers find a business faster. Moreover, Marko says that using a location tab allows marketers to post content customized for consumers in a specific location.

Another Facebook strategy that Marko discusses for those who want to be efficient in promoting business on Facebook is using Facebook advertisements. He asserts that Facebook ads can considerably improve online presence. Besides, these ads are not expensive. Furthermore, Marko says that Facebook ads offer psychographic and demographic targeting options to assist marketers in reaching relevant users. He also notes that there are different ad formats to choose from to help website owners to attain their goals.

“One more way to promote a business is by using Facebook’s local awareness ads,” Marko states. He adds that these ads offer call-to-action buttons to help potential customers find the business. In addition to that, local awareness ads also focus on a specific geographic area, which is great for targeting local customers near the business.

In addition to it, Marko mentions making use of Facebook Events. He says that this is another economical way to promote business on Facebook. He explains the fact that when an audience member accepts a business event invitation, it will appear in their friends’ notifications, so they see it as well. Marko says this makes Facebook Events an excellent way of spreading awareness of a brand. Marko also says that apart from being promoted within a list of followers, events can be boosted to be seen by even more Facebook users.

Marko goes on to say that using Facebook Live videos can also be a great way to promote businesses on Facebook. According to Marko, using Facebook Live videos assures business owners of getting three times the engagement they get in regular videos. He advises business owners to provide exciting content to keep their audience interested. Examples of captivating content include a tour to the store, information about the brand, DIY content that’s related to business, or highlighting new items in the store.

The last tip shared by Marko for promoting business on Facebook is using a strong call-to-action (CTA). The CTA can encourage audiences to shop for products, check the brand’s website, like the brand’s company page, call its phone number, or subscribe to an email list. Moreover, Marko advises business owners to include an action word that convinces a possible customer to take any action.

Marko and his company IM Consultant Services offer myriad marketing services to their clients, including website design, social media marketing, and SEO or search engine optimization, Marko helps and assists small- and medium-sized industries achieve success in online marketing. Aside from that, he also helps online marketers by providing information, advice, and tips on various aspects of digital marketing, one of which is Facebook marketing. He says that business marketers who are eager to learn more about online business marketing can refer to his official website. There, Marko has a collection of instructional articles, one of which is this latest article on how to promote business on Facebook.

Entrepreneurs and business owners interested in acquiring knowledge about different topics on business marketing are free to learn from Marko’s website. He offers articles that discuss social media, blogging principles, and affiliate and email marketing, among other things. Anyone who’s interested in becoming well-informed about online business marketing or needs help in getting traffic to their website is free to visit Mike Marko on his website and pick from a variety of topics. He also urges business owners to contact him and his staff so they can talk about the variety of consulting options they offer.

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