Mike Marko Publishes Post on How to Promote Business on Twitter

September 13, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of his new post on how to promote business on Twitter. He says that this article is for business owners who need assistance with their Twitter business marketing. He further says that a lot of online businesses today realize the potential of a marketing campaign on social media platforms. That’s why they now want to learn how to market their brands on such social networks as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

According to Marko, Twitter is different from other social media platforms. Its microblogging format is unique and challenging for many business owners, so they often struggle at first when using Twitter for business. But Marko says that this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to learn how to do business promotion on Twitter. Marko assures business owners that it can be easy, especially with the help of the Twitter marketing secrets that he shares in this article.

Marko says that these secrets and simple tips can help his readers reap the many Twitter benefits for business. Among the reasons he continues to urge business owners to market on the platform is that Twitter has a user-friendly interface. Marko says this can be a boon for those who are new to social media marketing in general. Furthermore, he notes that Twitter has a huge user base. Aside from that, Twitter users are active very often.

However, Marko says that he knows that a lot of business marketers are not using Twitter yet or don’t know how to use it. Marko encourages them not to feel bad about that, however, because his article gives them the guidance they need. With the marketing tips he provides, he believes even those new to marketing in general can soon learn how to promote on Twitter.

The first tip that Marko discusses in promoting business on Twitter is for business owners to always track Twitter engagement. According to him, business owners should monitor this to better assess their performance on the platform and figure out what works for them. He urges them to mark the days when they see a rapid increase in views and engagement. In addition to that, Marko suggests to take note of the kinds of posts that led to that engagement.

Marko goes on to say that in doing those things, business marketers can figure out which strategies need improvement and which ones should be maintained. Moreover, Marko informs them that they can adjust their content according to the data that they get from monitoring their Twitter engagement.

Furthermore, Marko says that using different media types in Tweets can boost Twitter engagement. He says this is because multimedia tweets tend to get more attention, and thus have a better chance of stimulating responses.

The next tip that Marko talks about to effectively promote business on Twitter is reaching out to influencers. He states that influencers in people on Twitter who can be important business partners. They are popular in certain business niches and already have a lot of followers. Because of that, they can promote businesses to huge audiences. Marko says that influencers can massively boost the reach of content with just one retweet.

Marko advises business marketers to learn how to develop business partnerships on the platform with influencers, as a result. According to Marko, doing this can help the business’s audience grow faster.

Another tip that Marko discusses for efficiently promoting businesses on Twitter is for them to use Twitter Ads. Marko encourages his readers to try out Twitter advertising at some point because he believes it can boost their marketing efforts. He further says that there are two particular Twitter ads worth trying, which are Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

Marko asserts that both of these Twitter ads are useful. The Promoted Tweet is in users’ timelines while a Promoted Account is seen on the right side of the desktop version of Twitter. Promoted Tweets are seen even by those who do not follow the account tweeting them and can thus be used when promoting high-quality content. On the other hand, Promoted Accounts are great for community-building.

Finally, one more strategy that Marko talks about in promoting business on Twitter is properly formatting tweets. He suggests using keywords that relate to both the content of the tweet and the business, for example. Furthermore, Marko suggests using hashtags, especially those that are trending. This can help ensure that the business is seen and acknowledged by many people.

Marko owns IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio. IM Consultant Services is a firm that provides various marketing services to small- and medium-sized businesses. This company offers website design, reputation management, search engine optimization, marketing for social media, and many other services. All of those services are designed to help business owners grow their businesses. He mentions that his team is always available for a consultation and they are always ready to assist business owners with their marketing strategies.

Marko mentions that his newest post can now be accessed and read on his official website. Marko further says that he regularly publishes posts of this type, which provide information and practical advice to business owners seeking to market their brands. Those who wish to get tutorials or guides on such topics as YouTube marketing, search engine optimization, and the like can read them on Marko’s blog. Marko encourages business owners to visit him and his team at IM Consultant Services too if they want to learn more about what a professional digital marketing service can do for them. They can also email Marko and his team or directly contact them by phone.

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