Mike Marko Publishes Post on Google Optimise

September 11, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just announced the publication of his new post on Google Optimise. He says that this article is for business owners who are looking for ways to set up this powerful and unique tool for their businesses. Furthermore, Marko says that if Google Optimise is used properly, it can develop workflow and improve results on a website project.

However, Marko mentions that it may be hard for beginners to use Google Optimise for web page optimization. He says that to do it with ease, business owners should get some practice with it first. He points out that this is fairly manageable, especially with its convenient interface and user-friendly design. In his article, Marko discusses how business owners, especially beginners, can do that for their businesses.

Marko goes on to say that Google Optimise launched in 2016 and immediately made business marketers curious about what it could offer. He further says that its features on website search engine optimization can help Internet marketers know what strategies are most efficient for their businesses. Since it’s intended to help businesses achieve their marketing goals, its features can substantially help increase traffic and profit for businesses.

Moreover, Marko says that Google Optimise goes side by side with Google Analytics. He states that Google Optimise is intended to help users target key audiences that Google Analytics identifies. Furthermore, Google Optimise has a paid and free version. The free version offers some useful features, though the paid one has more functions.

In his post, Marko talks about the steps for setting up the tool Google Optimise. He says that the first thing that beginners should do is go to the Google Optimise website and create their account through the button, “Sign Up for Free”. After clicking that button, detailed instructions on how to continue are provided.

Marko further suggests that in creating their accounts, business owners need to use an account name that emphasizes the kind of business they have. They should also choose an objective such as improving Google products, benchmarking, and getting in-depth analysis. After that, the next thing to do is to create a name that is related to the account suggested by Experiments View. This basically lays down the configuration and information necessary for a creative experiment on Google Optimise.

Aside from that, Marko goes on to discuss linking Google Optimise to Google Analytics. He says that in the onboarding checklist, Google will encourage business owners to start an experiment right away, though it is proper to link an account to Google Analytics first. The third checklist should then be expanded, after which users should click the “Link to Google Analytics” button.

“The next thing that Internet marketers should do is to click the ‘Link Property’ that is directed to Google Analytics property,” Marko mentions. All the steps should be followed in order to link an account to Google Analytics. The last step that a business owner should do is to install the Google Optimise snippet. They just need to click step 4 on the onboarding checklist.

Marko says that as soon as the initial steps are complete, the next thing for users to do is to set up the experiment. He suggests choosing the name of the experiment by using a domain, company or business name, as well as other things related to the business. There has to be a selection of the type of experiment they will be using as well. The options available to users include the A/B test type, redirect test, and multivariate test.

Marko owns the Ohio-based digital marketing firm, IM Consultant Services. It is a company that offers a number of Internet marketing services intended for small- to medium-sized businesses. Some of the other services his company offers are social media marketing, website design, branding, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and a lot more. These services help businesses reach success, especially in terms of boosting their visibility online and generating leads as well as converting them. Marko and his team at IM Consultant Services have set up and run hundreds of successful campaigns for clients thus far.

Marko’s latest post can now be viewed on his official blog. He regularly posts content to deliver valuable information to marketers and business owners today. Aside from LinkedIn-related blog posts, Marko also shares his knowledge on many other online marketing topics via his blog. His articles are generally about online marketing for business and provide actionable advice as well as crucial information for business owners on that topic. For instance, he has previously written articles on how to optimize websites for Google search, the best ways to promote accounts on different social media networks, and how to use video marketing.

Marko mentions that those who want to learn more about such matters can easily access his blog. He also says that those who are interested in taking advantage of his company’s services can visit his website or contact them by phone or email. IMCS has a proven track record in Ohio as one of the state’s most notable digital marketing agencies.

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