Mike Marko Publishes Post On Holy Yoga In Cincinnati

September 09, 2019
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Mike Marko, founder and owner of Cincinnati, Ohio based IM Consultant Services, has announced that he has published a blog post regarding Holy Yoga and a practice that combines it with Pilates. Holy Yoga, which is also known as Christian Yoga, is sponsored by many liturgical and Protestant churches and it is currently becoming more popular in evangelical churches.

Mike Marko explains, “In the Western world, yoga has admittedly become more of a physical exercise. In some places, the practice is a form of stress management. Christian Yoga brings it back to its spiritual roots while infusing it with Christianity. It’s an ‘experiential worship to deepen people’s connection to Christ’, according to practitioners.”

He adds, “And Holy Yoga introduces various specialized training programs too, including its variant that combines it with Pilates. This is based on a meld of yoga and Pilates, and is creating a lot of buzz right now.”

Yoga is actually a spiritual practice, which is why it has been adapted by Christian churches, resulting into what is known as Holy or Christian Yoga. In contrast, Pilates is a form of exercise that is focused with the aim of building strength in the body’s core. Both yoga and Pilates involve performing certain postures and breathing properly. Both also focus on meditative mindfulness.

Yogalates is a combination of yoga and Pilates. Holy Yogalates is a combination of yoga, Christian spirituality, and Pilates. Holy Yoga was established by Brooke Boon, who was originally raised as a Jew but became a Christian after experiencing a personal crisis. While originally, she found it difficult to mix yoga and her Christian faith, she later realized that it was possible to combine them. This was the origin of the practice known as Holy Yoga and the company or brand known as Holy Yoga Global came into existence.

Holy Yoga Global is currently a provider of world-class training in Holy Yoga. So far, they have managed to train 4,500 people all over the world and have no plans of slowing down. Holy Yoga has resulted in the founding of Christ-centered communities worldwide that practice yoga. They provide training programs. And their core training programs are made up of: first time instructor training; existing instructor training; masters; and therapy.

The first time instructor training program will have a duration of 200 hours and it offers expert yoga training and Christ-centered spiritual development. It is composed of nine weeks of online training and a six-day immersion retreat. The existing instructor training will have a duration of 100 hours and it is intended for those who are yoga instructors. This will be composed of a six-week live online training and a six-day immersion retreat.

The online training is intended to help the participants cultivate their practice and their relationship with God. It is made up of Bible reading, journaling, meditation, prayer, assignments, and video reviewing. The immersion retreats will help the participants focus on Holy Yoga practices in all styles, Bible study, pose breakdown, and workshops.

The masters training program is a 300-hour program of more in-depth study of yoga philosophy and principles and is composed of nine-week training modules. The therapy training program is for those who are in the medical field or for those who want to address physical injury, pain, and emotional and mental stress. This involves a 40-week online training. There are also specialty training programs for children, yogi instructors, seniors, pregnant women, and more.

Those who are interested in a Holy Yogalates or a Holy Yoga Cincinnati instructor may want to check out Laura Burdo, who is known as the Pilates Preacher. Those who would like to know more about Holy Yoga can visit the Holy Yoga Global website.

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