Park City Utah Residents Advised To Utilize Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

September 10, 2019
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Utah based Chem-Dry of Park City is reaching out to the members of their community to inform them of the availability of the company’s tile and grout cleaning services. Saving homeowners the hassle and discomfort of cleaning on their own, Chem-Dry asserts that they can professionally clean out the tile and stone surfaces in any home and leave them looking good as new. Learn more here: Tile & Grout Cleaning Park City Utah.

“To say that it is a difficult, tedious job to clean stone and tile surfaces by yourself is an understatement,” says Daryl Olsen of Chem-Dry. “Scrubbing just one tile will leave many people breathless if they want to clean it completely instead of a simple wipe down or so, and this gets harder the longer the tile in question goes between cleanings. However, no one has just one tile to clean, and putting all that work into an entire kitchen, bathroom, or similar area is a daunting process.” The easy answer, he says, is for homeowners in this position to hire a professional cleaning service. He states that, “The average homeowner isn’t in the business of tile and grout cleaning. We are, and we can have your surfaces gleaming again with minimal fuss.”

The other issue that often goes unnoticed and unaddressed, according to Olsen, is the negative effect that manual cleaning has on an individual’s health. “If you’re lucky, the only surface you will have to clean in this manner will be a countertop,” he says. “If, like most people, you aren’t that fortunate, you’ll spend a lot of time literally on your hands and knees trying to get every stain and other sorts of filth out of your floors. That’s backbreaking work, and it’s certainly not good for you.”

First and foremost, the culprit behind any back pain experienced is how much bending goes into cleaning a home, and Olsen says this particularly true for scrubbing floor tiles. This repetitive, often extended motion can cause strain to the muscles in the back. If the person in question regularly performs the same work, this can even lead to chronic pain and injury. “Your muscles tire easily,” Olsen warns. “They’re not meant to be used that way, either. Spending the time it takes to truly clean a tile surface can force you into hours of poor posture that, in turn, causes problems that will not be easily remedied.”

Fortunately for homeowners, Olsen says, Chem-Dry is always willing and able to take on any grout, tile, and stone cleaning projects. “These materials are often permeable enough to attract dirt, dust, grime, and other other assorted surface stains. Apart from being difficult to remove with manual labor alone, such a surface is also a haven for disease-causing germs. The longer a dirty surface endures, the longer a germ population has to breed and potentially spread to other areas of the home—or onto a home’s residents.” However, Chem-Dry makes use of specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment to blast the dirt and grime from stone, tile, and grout, delivering a gleaming, clean finish and extending their lifespan.

In addition to this, homeowners have the benefit of having to worry about their surfaces much less often. “If you’re cleaning by yourself, you might be in the habit of cleaning regularly in order to stop the really heavy and impossible stains from building up,” says Olsen. “With Chem-Dry, you no longer have to worry about that at all. Just call on us every 12-18 months and we can guarantee that our work will give your home that beautiful, long-lasting shine that you’re looking for.” Olsen explains that the company applies a special sealant to help keep any new grime at bay once their cleaning process is complete. He adds, “You may have to touch up every now and then, but it will still take much less effort than it used to.”

Those who would like to learn more about the company and the cleaning services they offer may contact Daryl Olsen of Chem-Dry of Park City. Furthermore, they may connect with the company on their social media channels to stay up to date with their latest news, offers, and announcements.

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