Utah Disaster Specialists Offers Mold Testing Services In Salt Lake City

September 17, 2019
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Utah Disaster Specialists, a trusted cleanup and restoration company based in Centerville, Utah, recently announced that they are offering mold testing services in Salt Lake City and its neighboring areas. The company seeks to bring all the services and reliability they are known for at their other locations to local residents and businesses. They provide a broad selection of services, protecting the community from many types of catastrophe or emergency that may arise.

The company remarks that, while mold testing may not seem as relevant as some of the other services they provide, it addresses one of the most harmful and threatening biological hazards that can appear in a household. Given adequate conditions, mold growths can expand and reproduce quickly, often infecting various areas of a home before its residents notice and address the issue.

According to Utah Disaster Specialists, the rate at which mold growths are reported tends to increase in the months following a natural disaster, especially flooding. The company says that this is due to the fact that most homeowners only remove the water from their homes after such events. They typically do not clean and dehumidify the area affected, as is necessary. Given enough time, this humidity creates a favorable environment for the proliferation of mold.

Daryl Olsen, a representative of Utah Disaster Specialists, stresses the importance of preventing this situation, saying, "The most effective way to address a mold infection is to treat the earliest signs of it. It is at these times that our mold testing services come into play. We help our customers determine the best strategy to prevent any of the health threats that mold growths may cause within a household. While it may be difficult to spot the earliest sprouts of mold, all of our efforts go towards working alongside our community to keep them safe from this threat."

The company states that the most effective way of dealing with mold is to remove it before it has a chance to spread across a larger area, putting the health of the entire household at risk. For homeowners, this means that they should contact a reliable disaster restoration company within the first few days after a flooding. The company emphasizes that this is important regardless of the severity of the flooding or the amount of water damage sustained, as it is the moisture left behind after floodings that leads to mold.

"We possess the equipment and the experience necessary to ensure you and your family's protection against mold," assures Olsen, adding that, besides their Mold Testing services, they also carry out Water Damage Cleanup. He elaborates, "We are experts in this field. We will ensure that you do not find yourself in a situation where you have to replace flooring and parts of your walls in order to get rid of the mold, effectively saving you money and hassle, in addition to protecting your health. It can be difficult to completely dry out your home after water damage without the proper equipment, but you can rely on us to look after you and your loved ones."

While the company advises their clients to address any signs of mold before it evolves into a more serious situation, they state they are committed to helping the community even when it seems too late. The mold removal services provided by Utah Disaster Specialists are a core part of the company; they work alongside their clients to minimize the damage. This often involves the treatment and salvage of various surfaces, saving them from having to be replaced entirely.

Utah Disaster Specialists provides a wide variety of services, ranging from mold inspections to mold testing and removal, and so on. They offer the community various cleanup and restoration services, including Water Damage Cleanup, Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup, and Air Duct Cleaning.

Those interested in the services offered by Utah Disaster Specialists may reach out to Daryl Olsen to follow up on any inquiries. Furthermore, the company's website features a complete description of the services they offer, alongside a list of the areas they serve. It also hosts a contact form that customers may use to request an appointment. This information is available at the following link: Mold Testing Salt Lake City Utah.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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