Mr. Chem-Dry Offers Tile Cleaning Services In Roy, Utah

September 10, 2019
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Mr. Chem-Dry, a trusted cleaning company based in Centerville, recently announced the availability of their Roy Utah tile cleaning services, providing the residents with a reliable solution to keep their homes clean.

Along with the announcement of this service, the company has addressed some of their customer's concerns, casting light on the process they use to obtain such dependable results. Daryl Olsen, a spokesperson for Mr. Chem-Dry, states, "We know the myriad challenges that homeowners face when considering the possibility of hiring a cleaning service for their homes, and we have done our best to address their most common concerns. For instance, we endeavor to improve the speed with which we are able to carry out the cleaning process, and we are making an effort to utilise our cleaning products with more regard to the health of both our valued customers and staff.”

As the company notes, tile cleaning is a complicated process that can take a significant amount of time. While the process can be simplified, this is not possible without consequently compromising its results—a tradeoff that the company is unwilling to make. By utilizing specialized tools alongside the best cleaning solutions, Mr. Chem-Dry is nonetheless able to take an often tedious and complicated task and make it more efficient, to the point that it does not take longer than a few hours to complete. While this is undoubtedly more convenient than the alternative, the company maintains that homeowners will always care more about the results they are able to achieve.

The company asserts that they can produce a clean, gleaming surface that rivals the aesthetic quality of the day the tile was installed, even extending the life of the materials exposed to the treatment. Olsen states, "The accumulation of dirt, gunk, and filth on your tile surfaces, aside from looking unappealing, shortens the materials’ life. If left without proper care, you will most likely have to replace the whole thing in no time, as it will crack and plunge faster than a pristinely clean surface. Furthermore, it could also pose a threat to the health of anyone who is exposed to such surfaces on a daily basis."

As Mr. Chem-Dry notes, dirty tile surfaces are prone to the proliferation of bacteria and other germs. For the most susceptible members of a household, such as children and the elderly, simple germ cultures such as these could lead to diseases and allergies. The best way to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals, according to the company, is to have the surfaces in question cleaned and disinfected regularly, sterilizing the environment and removing any form of bacteria that may have grown since the last cleanup. They add that this process is well worth the effort, despite how tedious it appears.

"If you or your relatives are constantly suffering from allergies, you should think of when the last time you gave your house a proper cleaning was," says Olsen, adding that, more than any other surface in a house, tile surfaces tend to benefit bacteria and germ growth. He elaborates, "A proper cleaning carried out by a professional should protect your tiles for 12 to 18 months. How long it stays pristine and sterilized is up to you, as it depends on how often you clean these surfaces after the initial procedure."

He also states that a specialist should be able to guarantee a long-lasting shine on a homeowner’s tile surfaces, which is a good sign that the filth is not being absorbed and is only superficial. Homeowners should also notice that the treated surfaces are much easier to clean after the initial procedure, but will slowly get more difficult as the time to schedule a new cleaning appointment with a professional company approaches.

Notably, the services offered by Mr. Chem-Dry are not limited to tile cleaning. The company boasts a broad selection of cleaning solutions in the Roy area, including Carpet Cleaning, Granite Countertop Restoration, Green Cleaning, Pet Urine Removal Treatment, Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Water Damage Cleanup.

Those in need of tile cleaning services in Roy, Utah may reach out to Daryl Olsen of Mr. Chem-Dry to follow up on any inquiries. The company's website features more information regarding the services they offer, including a complete description of each cleaning procedure employed. Prospective clients may also make use of the online scheduling function that can be accessed through this platform.

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