Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Services Now Available In Layton, Utah

September 09, 2019
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Layton, Utah based Mr. Chem-Dry is pleased to inform residents, business owners, and other members of their local community that the company offers industry-leading carpet cleaning services. No matter how unclean the carpet in question, Mr. Chem Dry believes that they represent every carpet’s best hope of being restored to its former glory.

As Daryl Olsen of Mr. Chem Dry states, “While we are not the only carpet cleaning service in Layton, we do offer the highest quality carpet cleaning at the most competitive prices. However, it’s not only our passion and dedication to keep clients happy that sets us apart from the competition.” The company makes use of a specific set of cleaning procedures in their mission to eradicate dirt and give owners back the full use and pleasure of their carpet, collectively known as the Chem-Dry method.

Olsen continues, “Given that we seek to maintain as much transparency in our pricing, we are always happy to sit down with our customers and lay out exactly how much they will be paying—and what they are paying for. It’s easy for a lot of cleaning providers to use complex-sounding words to make their services appear to be worth the expense. At Mr. Chem Dry, however, we fully believe that our services speak for themselves. We only ask that you trust us once. After you’ve seen what we can do for your carpet, we’re certain that we will be the only company you ever trust your carpet with again.”

According to Olsen, relying on the company’s professional services yields customers a variety of benefits. In addition to restoring the aesthetic appeal of the carpet and making its surface feel like it was brand new again, the company assures customers that their cleaning process will help extend the lifespan of the material by a wide margin. Notably, they can also extract up to 98% of all allergens that may be stuck in the carpet, with nearly 90% of airborne bacteria being removed as well. He adds, “Given that the carpet will look as lush and inviting as the day it was bought after the cleaning process is complete, it’s just as well that the carpet’s surface will now be more hygienic. This is particularly important if the carpet is meant for an area that sees a lot of traffic from children and pets, like the living room. Having their carpets regularly cleaned should diminish a parent’s worries regarding their child’s environment at home.”

Olsen points out one more advantage provided by Mr. Chem Dry’s services: As carpets can be incredibly expensive to replace, this also means that owners can save a lot of money simply by having them cleaned. “You and your children will be able to enjoy your carpet without fear of spills and other messes irrevocably ruining it,” he says. “We’re in the business of reversing such accidents.” Notably, the Chem-Dry method can be used to clean other items in addition to carpets, such as rugs, upholstery, tile, and grout.

Chem-Dry works by means of hot carbonating extraction, a proprietary process that the cleaning method is based on. It is also far safer than conventional methods of cleaning due to the fact that there are no soaps or detergents involved. As Olsen says, “Everything about the process is non-toxic and totally safe for you and your family, pets included. To be clear, this means that you don’t have to worry about having to deal with any residual chemicals once you get your carpet back. It will be perfectly safe to interact with.” In addition, the company notes that carpets put through the Chem-Dry process dry completely within a matter of hours. This means that customers can expect to have their carpets returned to them after only a minimal waiting period.

As Olsen states, “When you combine this convenient and safe method with our skills, your carpets will never be forgotten like the rest of the furniture. Instead, they will stand out like they should.” Those who wish to have their carpets cleaned in this manner, or would like to learn more about the Chem-Dry process itself, may contact Daryl Olsen of Mr. Chem Dry. They may also read more about the company and their services at the following link: Layton Utah Carpet Cleaning.

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Mr. Chem-Dry has been providing Northern Utah with quality carpet cleaning services for over 20 years. Everything from upholstery cleaning, water damage cleanup, pet odor removal to carpet cleaning.

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