Happy Feet Wellness Discusses The Benefits of Foot Reflexology Treatment

September 10, 2019
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Happy Feet Wellness in Vancouver, British Columbia offers a wide range of wellness services for their clients. The facility recently discussed the body massage and reflexology treatments that they offer and how these services can be beneficial to clients.

Marshia Pappas, a representative for the center says, “We are a luxury massage therapy studio that provides our clients with the most relaxing treatments to help them in a number of ways. Reflexology is not a new term by any means, but many clients are unaware of what it is or the benefits that it can provide and we wanted to shed some light on this treatment and how it can help to improve circulation and provide other positive effects on the body.”

Pappas says that they highly recommend reflexology to help reduce stress and muscle tension, and that it can be very beneficial to those who suffer from restless leg syndrome. During the treatment, the therapist will stimulate different acupressure points on the toes, the balls of the feet, the soles, heels and top of the feet, as well as the calves and lower legs. This massage helps to improve the flow of blood throughout the body which in turn helps to reduce muscle tension and stress that can be brought on by anxiety, restless leg syndrome, pulled muscles and other issues.

“The thing is, reflexology can help to do more than just improve blood flow,” says Pappas. “This is honestly one of the most beneficial treatments that we offer. Foo reflexology treatment is great for a number of known illnesses and injuries. Just one hour long session can help to significantly improve circulation and relieve a wide range of issues, and not just those that affect the feet.”

Pappas says that reflexology can also help to relieve a number of bladder issues, as well as gallbladder and other points of the body. She adds that since the feet support all of the weight of the body when one is standing, they need to be taken care of. She says that many people neglect their feet, to the extent that they begin to cause serious issues. Reflexology can help to restore circulation to the feet and help to relax them, lowering pain and increasing metabolism.

Studies have shown proper reflexology to be very effective in eliminating chronic pain, eliminating insomnia, and helping with a wide range of other general health issues such as allergies, asthma, chronic constipation, fatigue, lupus, menopause, obesity, and a number of urinary issues, as well as various other illnesses and conditions.

Pappas adds that the therapists at Happy Feet are thoroughly trained in the authentic means of ancient Chinese reflexology and that they have many Registered Massage Therapists that offer a number of other treatments that can be just as beneficial to the body. Each foot reflexology session is just under an hour in length, although they also offer sessions that are one and one-half hours or even two hours in length, depending on what the client wants and what they wish to accomplish in terms of health benefits from their treatments.

Reflexology sessions are done while clients relax in comfortable lounge chairs with their feet up on foot stools. The feet are soaked in warm sea salt water to begin and then the feet and legs are wrapped in warm towels. Clients of the center rave about how they feel when their sessions are complete and how they feel for days and even weeks afterward.

Pappas says that the benefits of this type of treatment are many and that clients will experience these benefits for quite some time afterward. Those who are interested in learning more about the many benefits that foot reflexology sessions can provide can visit the center on their official website to read more about these treatments and what they can do. The website also offers more information about their other services, as well as direct contact information for those who wish to schedule a session.

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