Dynamic Heating And Cooling Releases New Blog Post On Leaking ACs

September 09, 2019
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Dynamic Heating and Cooling is pleased to announce the launch of their new blog post, in which the company discusses leaking ACs, how to identify such a problem, and what to do about it. The blog post can be found at https://www.dynamiccooling.com/my-ac-is-leaking.

Air conditioning units function by sucking in warm air and then cooling it by passing it over refrigerant-cooled tubing or coils before blowing it back out to cool the room in which the unit is placed. As air is cooled, droplets may form on the coils or tubes, which is to be expected, in small amounts during warmer seasons. Excessive dripping, however, may be a sign of a leak. A leaking air conditioner can release a gas that can cause a number of issues, such as headaches, nausea, and difficulty breathing when inhaled. A leak may also be a sign of damage to parts of the AC unit. The fact that an AC leak can be both a health hazard and a major expense to repair means that being able to identify problems early on can help one avoid serious health issues and expensive repairs.

A leaking AC unit may mean that the drain pan may be broken, and it is advised that one contact experts like those found at Dynamic Heating and Cooling to deal with the problem. Another possible issue that may cause a leak is a damaged condensate pump. The condensate pump removes water produced during cooling from the AC unit and pumps it out through a pipe. “It’s not likely that you’ll need to replace your pump too often,” says the blog's author. “However, you’ll know when your condensate pump is not working. Over time, your condensate pump’s motor may start to fail, or the switch which turns the pump on and off may become worn due to accumulating dirt and debris. The most obvious sign that you need a replacement is when your condensate pump is leaking. You’ll notice small puddles of water on the floor or surface areas near the specific appliance.”

If one finds their AC unit leaking or not working as it should, it is important to get in contact with skilled experts to get it back in working order as soon as possible. Dynamic Heating and Cooling has the tools and expertise needed to repair all kinds of HVAC systems quickly and easily. The purpose of any HVAC system is to ensure that one’s indoor environment is as comfortable as possible and keeping the HVAC system up and running at all times ensures that one’s indoor environment remains comfortable at all times. Dynamic Heating and Cooling helps homeowners keep their HVAC systems working efficiently. Find out more on their website at https://dynamic-heating-and-cooling.business.site.

“Ideally, your air conditioning should be serviced by a professional HVAC contractor annually, but this does not mean your unit will never require some repair work,” states Dynamic Heating and Cooling. “As such, it is important to address any issues that may arise, as soon as you notice a problem, to avoid permanent damage to your unit. If you notice that your unit is not as effective as it used to be, such that the vents do not feel as cold as usual, it needs to get checked. Other issues include weak or poor airflow through your home or moisture around the unit. Remember that catching and dealing with problems early helps you minimize damage to your unit.”

A number of customers have made use of the company’s AC installation and repair services and have seen great results. One of the clients left a 5-Star review stating, “Josh is great; he provides great service, communicates well, and goes out of his way to ensure that you're satisfied. If there's an emergency, he'll get to you as fast as he can. In addition, he provides his professional recommendation without pushing a solution to the home owner. He's one of those guys that you can simply trust to get the job done. I greatly recommend the service plan; it's more than paid for itself.”

Get in contact with Dynamic Heating and Cooling on their Facebook page which can be found at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/DynamicVirginia. Interested parties may also contact Josh Bersee of Dynamic Heating and Cooling to make further inquiries.

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