New York, NY Clinic Shares Benefits Of Vitamins Gained Via IV Therapy

September 12, 2019
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New York, NY based Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy is reaching out to the NY community in an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of IV Therapy. As part of their outreach program, the clinic recently launched a Youtube channel of the same name, which they use to introduce new patients to their procedures as well as the staff who will be attending to them. Read more about the practice and their expanding services at the following link: IV Therapy Vitamins New York NY.

iv therapy vitamins new york ny with Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko

A medical clinic that is conveniently located in New York, Restorative Medicine provides intravenous therapies, through injections and infusions, that are designed to help patients obtain and maintain a high standard of health. The clinic’s staff work under the careful and conscientious direction of Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko, an expert in the field of IV Therapy.

Alluding to a similar statement he made in a recent video posted to their Youtube channel, Dr. Alexeyenko says, “In the modern economy, the average person is spending more and more time in the office, or even commuting to and from the office. Making matters worse, many of these people cease to engage in any physical activity, a problem that is compounded as they get older. However, our main concern here at Restorative Medicine is in how people in these situations sometimes choose to forego taking in the proper nutrients that they require as well.” According to the doctor, the clinic aims to give their patients the proper foundation of nutrients and supplements they require to get more active and engaged with their own lives. Learn more at the following link: IV Therapy Infusion New York NY.

Dr. Alexeyenko continues that his standard procedure with a new patient involves checking them over and ascertaining the state of their health. Over the course of this consultation, Dr. Alexeyenko also interviews the patient about their ailments and their past medical history. He takes many factors into account as he forms an initial diagnosis. “The initial consultation is critical,” he says, adding that, “I spend at least 30 minutes learning everything I can about the patient.” Once he is satisfied that he has a complete picture of the patient’s issues, he develops a personalized treatment plan to help them recover. In his work, the doctor sees patients suffering from chronic pain, long-term illnesses, and so on. He asserts that, “I spend a lot of my time helping my patients feel better, function better, sleep better—and, in some ways, even look better.”

As the clinic states on their website, “Restorative Medicine offers vitamin infusions, hydration IV therapy treatments, and other IV therapy solutions that will energize you and restore your body and mind. Our bodies need fuel, not just any fuel, but the right mix of vitamins, minerals, water, and hormones.” While they may be known, and expected, to provide services such as IV Vitamin Therapy, IV Infusion Therapy, IV Hydration Therapy, the clinic also offers certain lesser known treatments, such as Hangover IV, Myers Cocktail, Glutathione IV Therapy, and more.

A veteran doctor who has been practicing for more than three decades, Dr. Alexeyenko has a wealth of experience in a broad range of medical fields, including emergency services, primary care, military surgery, and many more. He states that, “At this point in my career, I prefer to focus on the intravenous treatment of my patients. Working in this field allows me to reach a wider part of the community and put my expertise and abilities at the disposal of more people that need me. The relative simplicity of my practice also means that patients have next to nothing to fear from invasive and painful procedures, such as might be carried out at the premises of other medical providers.”

iv therapy infusion new york ny - vladimir alexeyenko, md

Those who wish to learn more about the practice and the treatments they offer may contact Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko of Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy to make further inquiries. They may also connect with the clinic through their website, or by following Restorative Medicine on their social media platforms. Additional information can also be found here: IV Therapy Hydration New York NY.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy:

Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy is a New York medical clinic created by Dr. Vladimir Alexyenko. The clinic specializes in iv therapy, iv infusion therapy, vitamin therapy, cleansing antioxidant drips, and immune booster injections.

Contact Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy:

Dr. Vladimir Alexeyenko
Restorative Medicine: IV Therapy
2 W 46th St Ste 806, Rm2
New York, NY 10036
(917) 994-9390

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