Data Recovery Services Firm Publishes Post About Cloud Accounting

August 28, 2019
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Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a data recovery company based in Irvine, California, has announced that they have published a new blog post. The article is titled, “Is Cloud Accounting Good For Business?” Because cloud accounting, which uses the cloud to store financial information, can reduce the use and cost of external hard drives, it is becoming more popular. However, an important question is whether saving records of financial data online on a server is safe.

Jack Edwards, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, says, “In cloud accounting, all the records of financial information are saved online on a server rather than the hard drive of your computer. As crazy as it sounds like trusting some virtual servers for saving the financial records of your business, cloud accounting is, in fact, more secure, safe, cheap, and smart way for accounting.”

According to the article, one key reason why more and more businesses are turning to cloud accounting is that they are able to access the financial data at any time and anywhere. Financial reports can be browsed in real-time. Still another good reason for shifting to cloud accounting is that it permits several users to access the data, so that everybody can work on the same file. This lessens the need for data recovery services.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates regularly posts helpful content regarding hard drives to help people and businesses. For instance, in a recent post, they provided helpful information on how to prevent data loss for businesses.

In cloud computing, there would also be no worry about certain people who need to financial information from missing out on updates. Cloud computing is able to get rid of the layer of conflict because updates and backups are done automatically. And, of course, the best thing about cloud computing is that it brings down business costs. This is because the need for the company to purchase hard drives will be much less. And because the backups are always updated automatically, there is no fear about data getting lost because it is always possible to retrieve the backup files in case of a disaster or catastrophe.

Meanwhile, choosing the appropriate cloud accounting service provider has to be done carefully. Jack Edwards says, “There are over hundreds of cloud accounting service providers. It is essential that you understand why you need one and how will it help you. It is advisable to contact a consultant and explain the need for software keeping in mind the monthly expense and other factors like future growth and business goals.”

It is important to study each cloud service provider carefully and thoroughly. The next step is to look for the perfect match for the specific requirements of the business. It is also advisable to read and become familiar with the software before purchasing it based on the company’s needs.

While cloud accounting is generally safe, there are also possible situations when problems may be encountered, such as when there is no Internet and there is an Internet outage. The solution is to have a contingency plan for those situations when people are unable to connect to the Internet. One example of such a contingency plan is to so send clients hard drives that contain copies of the important files.

Jack Edwards adds, “You shouldn’t just rely on your backups online. No matter how reliable cloud accounting is for your business, keep a close watch on your hard drive as well. Make sure it’s not making noises. If it is, get with a professional who can offer your reliable and practical hard drive failure solutions. If you can rely on both cloud accounting and on your hard drive, then you can really have peace of mind that your business is in good hands.”

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has been providing its services since 1992, when it was just as a server repair shop. Currently, they have already provided their services to a broad range of customers, from regular people with home computers to the CEOs of multinational corporations, from convenience stores to gigantic manufacturing firms.

Jack Edwards says, “Those who say, ‘they are looking for data recovery services near me,’ may want to check out our website or they can contact us through the telephone or via email.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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