Advan Pro Furnace Cleaning Introduces Fall Special Offer For Calgary Residents

August 28, 2019
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Calgary, AB based Advanpro Furnace Cleaning is pleased to inform their customers that they are now offering a Fall Special Pricing scheme for their furnace and duct cleaning services. Interested parties may learn more about the premier furnace cleaning company’s seasonal services and avail themselves of the special pricing by visiting their website.

“With the fall season just around the corner,” says Rhys Evans of Advanpro Furnace Cleaning, “this is the perfect time for homeowners and other furnace users to get essential maintenance carried out on their units. As we head deeper into the cold season, furnaces all around the area will be switched on after extended periods of disuse—and this is the most likely time for units to fail. Take our advice and get us on the job now so you won’t be stuck on a cold day later on while we come out to get your home heated again.”

Advanpro Furnace Cleaning is a highly regarded Calgary furnace repair and maintenance company. As they state on their website, “Our well-trained and experienced technicians will first diagnose the cause of your issues and then report the findings to you with a recommended course of action—this includes a quote of overall repair costs. Our recommended solutions will identify the root cause of the issue and give you the understanding you need to make an educated decision. Our goal is to ensure your home comfort system runs reliably and efficiently for as long as possible.”

Notably, the company also offers a reliable emergency service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means that homeowners who do switch on their furnaces only to discover a breakdown need not worry about being stranded for too long. Despite the initial inconvenience this causes, they can rest assured that the company is on hand to respond to all their furnace related emergencies as quickly as possible. Learn more about Advanpro and their furnace repair services.

Evans further notes that, given the upcoming cold weather, homeowners will eventually begin shutting up their homes in an effort to preserve their interior warmth. This means that every Calgary home’s air supply will most likely run almost entirely through the property’s furnace. “It’s quite likely that your ducts have accumulated a lot of dust since they haven’t been cycling air for quite a while. It might seem like only a minor nuisance to let the dusty air blow through until the air is relatively fresh, but the air not being obviously dusty doesn’t mean that your home is entirely dust free. There may still be pockets that surprise you later, and there’s no telling what you’ll be continually blowing into your home during the winter if there’s a buildup of any foreign substance.”

Furthermore, the house’s interior will benefit from not having dust blown into it throughout the day. Evans states, “You might notice that the surfaces you sweep and wipe down quickly get dirty again only a few days later. This is because dirty air ducts recycle dust, debris, and air pollutants throughout your home, and the dust you cleared away simply got pulled back into your system and blown back out around your home. It is important to note that clean ducts also maximise the volume of fresh air that the furnace pulls into the home.

According to Evans, the volume of air flowing through a house’s ductwork may correspond closely with how energy efficient the unit is. “If you notice that your furnace seems to be pulling in less air than you expect or it sounds more strained when it’s switched on, it does not necessarily indicate that the unit itself needs maintenance. It may just have to do more work to pull in enough air because your ducts are clogged with dust and grime.” Since the furnace has to work harder to achieve the same result, he says, it uses up more power. Those who delay getting their ducts cleaned out by a professional service may unwittingly be shifting their expenses to their utility bills.

Interested parties may contact Rhys Evan of Advanpro Furnace Cleaning to make further inquiries. They may also connect with the company through the contact form on their website or follow Advanpro on their social media platforms.

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