Rockwell Trading Announces The Rockwell 5 Day Challenge

August 28, 2019
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Rockwell Trading, a company based in Austin, Texas, has announced the Rockwell Trading free 5-day challenge, which is titled, “Design Your Ideal Life and Make It a Reality.” Those who sign up for the challenge will have the chance to win a number of prizes. The challenge will have three steps where people will have to: envision their ideal life that excites them; engineer a plan on how to make that ideal life a reality within 3 years or less; and execute the plan by discovering how to make more money with less stress and less time. The challenge started on August 24 but people can join in even after it has begun.

Markus Heitkoetter, founder of Rockwell Trading, says, “This challenge is for people who feel that they’re not where they should be in their life. This is for people who feel that they’re stuck and burned out from the daily grind. We invite you to join ‘Design Your Ideal Life and Make It a Reality,’ and learn how that vision for your ideal life can come true. I look forward to helping you massively improve your lifestyle and have fun during our time together and beyond.”

Markus explains that envisioning one’s ideal life is important because it establishes a goal for a particular person. Without that goal, people will just be doing things by habit, going to work daily but making no progress because there is no goal that makes it exciting for them to pursue.

Most people don’t bother about envisioning their ideal life because they believe that they will not be able to achieve it anyway. Markus Heitkoetter points out that achieving that ideal life is possible through trading.

Various prizes are offered to those who participate in the challenge. Aside from the daily prizes, the Grand Prize winner will get an electronic scooter. Those who are interested in the challenge can watch a short video by Markus Heitkoetter on YouTube.

Rockwell Trading also offers a free Rockwell Trading Bootcamp. This is a free live training where participants can learn how to trade in just 15 minutes a day. In this bootcamp, participants will learn how to look for the best stock to trade; when is the exact time to buy a particular stock; how to limit their risk; when they would be able to take profits; how to grow their account; how to trade without worry; and how to determine whether a particular stock is more likely to increase or decrease in value in 30 seconds or less.

Those who are encouraged to attend the bootcamp are: investors who are frustrated regarding their retirement accounts and are worried that the money will not be sufficient for their retirement; traders who are tired of getting inconsistent returns on their trading; and people with little to no experience in trading and are tired of working hard to protect their future.

Those who have tried the services of Rockwell Trading have mostly positive things to say about them. In fact, on Google, they have 122 reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. For instance, David B. gave them a five star rating and said, “This 3 day camp reviewing Power X Optimizer, including stock and option trading fundamentals, trading platforms, tax implications and live trading was fantastic! High energy, positive and very informative! No question from attendees goes unanswered. I highly recommend!”

Markus had worked as a director at IBM and was already successful in the corporate world but he realized in 2002 that there was no longer any excitement in his work. He was also tired of being away from his family most of time. And most of all, he was also sick and tired of the stress and pressure from his responsibilities on the job. He, therefore, decided to move back to Austin, Texas. He then took some guru trading courses but to his disappointment, they were not effective. So he worked on discovering those factors needed to ensure fewer losses, larger wins, and more frequent wins.

People who would like to learn more about Rockwell Trading or would like to take a look at the Rockwell Trading reviews can visit their website, or contact them by telephone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Rockwell Trading:

Markus Heitkoetter founded Rockwell Trading in January 2005 with ONE goal in mind: To simplify trading and help day traders achieve their goals. Since then we have helped over 340,000 traders from more than 38 countries. Visit us at

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Markus Heitkoetter
401 Congress Ave 1540
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